Thursday, July 2, 2009

the weird & the wonderful: 25 random facts about me

greetings to friends and visitors alike.. I have never bothered to fill in one of these, ever, but have recently seen quite a few around (and of course ive been tagged) so here goes with my very own 25 random facts about me. All true!

The weird and the wonderful: 25 random facts about me:

1) I come from a family of 6. All uniquely different.

2) I am a fierce supporter of the underdog, and have seen first hand of how much tolerance and forebearance they possess.

3) I have cheated death... 3 times.

4) I have never had a car accident on the road .. whether my fault or not. Nudging cars whilst trying to squeeze into a parking spot is another matter entirely. LOL

5) I am clausterphobic. I panic and hyperventilate when forced in small spaces.

6) This may surprize you.. but I am a shyster when I first meet you.

7) I have the freakish ability to "read between the lines" and have strong gut instincts and am amazed how many times I have been correct.

8) Hardheadedness and stubbornness are two of the things I have inherited from my dad. Which I think I have an xxtreme case.

9) I have been addicted to heavy drugs in the past, and now use this experience to help others. I volunteer my time twice a week referring people to drug rehab and provide a listening ear. My way of giving back.

10) I regulary go visit the street kids. I feel so humbled in their presence particular after a shitty day.

11) I like role play reversal. Not neccessarily sexual. There has been many a times ive helped people understand merely by making them see things in a different light.

12) I got married at 15, divorced at 20 and have 2 kids aged 28 and 25.

13) Ive only completed 1-1/2 years of secondary school. I was changing diapers when my friends were doing homework.

14) I was caught at age 12 stealing 12 LP's. My punishment was a slap on the wrist from the law, and a smack in the mouth from my dad.

15) I am calm under pressure. In fact, ive been told I am TOO calm.

16) Im a licensed P.I

17) Ive never been a coffee drinker. The only amount ive had is a sip of expresso that made the room spin. I prefer to blast music in the mornings to get me going.

18) I have witnessed death first hand. The sights and sounds aint pretty.

19) I dont forgive if you betray my confidence, consider you wiped. For whatever reason it was betrayed.

20) I have worked in the sex industry, on both sides of the fence.

21) If I like you, you have a friend for life.

22) Family time is very important to me. Without fail, and regardless of the weather, we always come together every Sunday for our BBQ family gettogethers and spend hours lingering and catching up.

23) Im not into fashion, bling, gossip, celeb culture, keeping up with the trends. I march to my own drum.

24) I find it hard to trust people. I am a very private person. People do not know much about me, and this is the way I like it.

25) I smoke like a trouper. The fags are THE hardest habit to quit I reckon by miles.

So there you have it guys.. 25 random facts about me.