Monday, August 17, 2009

join me in my LIVE ustream show

Hi guys Miz Helena here with a special announcement and a quick word of thanks. My Ustream show will be featuring from now on on a weekly basis every Sunday evening AEST at a time to be announced. Tune in to see and hear me talk with my followers/friends via a chat stream about life, dating, sex toys, fun, music, just ranting and anything else that comes to mind.

LOL Monday once again.. this rant I talk about my first ustream experience which went live last nite.. (Sunday 16/08/09) and lasted a total of 7 hours I was told! I was a lil shy being my first both stream and on cam.. but for the most part it went well and was very enjoyable.. there were a few retards that mainly wanted to talk about the size of their cock and being persistant fleebs tellin me to show ass/tits which were promptly kicked.. anyways.. plz do tune into my weekly stream LIVE via this link: Miz helenas Sunday Evening where we get into talking about life, dating, fun, music, sex toys, etc

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