Thursday, September 24, 2009

Huge dust storm hits Sydney!

howdy to all ma kool peeps!

well I just have to stop and rant about the huge choking dust storm that hit Sydney & pretty much all of the whole east coast of AU yesterday morn! (Wednesday 23/09/09) Damn! what a sight it was to see! both in all its majestic beauty & its ugly lung-polluting, landscape marring state!

I awoke quite early sometime around 6am-ish and was surprized to see the room was still darkened! I took a look outside my window to find the sky a deep burnt orangy colour almost like the hue of a beautiful burnt orange sunset turned up quite a few notches and a thick dust-like haze.. also the windys were fierce.. reportedly gale-force causing the dust to blow around like crazy!

I stood in awe amazed at such beauty that ive never till this day EVER witnessed in my life! *OHHH snappies snappies quick* I said to myself. this definately needs to be captured.. so I managed to snap 3 from cam and 2 quick ones via fone cam..

It was only a few hours later did I realised what was happening! At first thinking like alot of other Sydneysiders did that this was armageddon.. the end of the world as we know it.. till I seen the story unfold on ABC and thought WOW!

Then thruout the day on twitter I seen other links to pics that were both mindblowing and shocking!

I tried going out in the morning for my usual walkies but had to stop & turn back it was that thick & choking! We spent a good part of the day cleaning up the mess it left, like mopping floors, windowsills & watering the plants. It did manage to cause major disruptions to services like traffic, planes & ferries with the majority being either diverted or cancelled!

I include below my personal pics I took (inc the 2 unpublished from my fone), a great you tube vid I found and a few links (with credits) to the full story with more pics! I was told last night that these storms originated from dry barren land not farmed because of the drought, and that we may expect more! OMG, I hope not! Once was definately enough!

Anyways, ENJOY these!



firstly, this is the ABC story I came across yesterday morning before I left the house to go on a walk

My twitter friend @technogiant was kind enough to send me the link to this amazing NASA image from the Terra spacecraft! Thx giant xx

another link from twitter contact @philhawley depicts the eerie scenes in amazing pics! thx Phil!