Friday, November 20, 2009


My eyes narrow as my heartbeat increases
thinking about the urgency provoked by each strike
a slow smile licking over my lips
visions of my sweet lil boycunt
that yields only under My command
His desire to please is so strong
it seems to be pulsating through his veins
as he learns quite quickly
that he soon will not be in control
of his own being
he hears my heels clicking
on the wooden floor around him
as I circle him,
inspecting him
the leather thong of the riding crop
tracing over his skin
the simple compromise
he has never given anyone
how incredibly awkward
absorbing so much
the purity of my sex
the grace in my motion
reaching to the depths
of his mind and body
touching nerves
searing through the strongest of hearts
small whimpers that crescendo
into pleas to be taken further and further
blood red lips smirking
pulling his thoughts to me
of devilish eyes cutting thru him
touching the sheer glory of raw sexuality
delicious anticipation
and deprivation
the black leather glistening
a sculpted form of pure domination
for he is all mine