Wednesday, November 4, 2009

passions ablaze

Covering me in wet soft succulent kisses
Your breath hard and urgent
I stare into ur eyes
Passion ablaze
Hands darting
Stirring the warm folds
Your hardness pressing against me
Like a pillar of steel
You take my breasts into your mouth
Using your tongue on my erect nipples
Sending me into xtc
Trailing down my stomach
Licking nipping
Your way to my lil love button
Splicing me open exposing the
Rigid node
Your fellation excruciatingly delicious
Wider and wider my thighs spread open
Writhing, gyrating
An internal inferno burning
As you enter me
my walls closing around you
Thrusting pounding
Alternate tonguing
The smell of your sex everywhere
Afterglow delights