Friday, May 7, 2010

who am I to stand before her?

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immense, engulfing, intense
her love captivates me
her presence so vivacious
a deep emotive reverence
that lingers way after she departs
who am I to stand before her?
to rant and rave
and whine of all the wrongs?
at times so selfish and unbearable
then..... it desends
I am consumed with her love
her glorious unconditional love
that is forgiving
never pointing fingers
or downtrodden
despite the whirlpool emotions
she picks me up
dusts me off
with almost feather-like effortlessness
her gift of her gratituous friendship
I am so fortunate to have
to know her
to feel her
to share with her
to go deep with her
to know what the she is thinking
telling each other
we have come a long way
on a often bumpy road
thru twists and turns
tantrums and tears
to emerge stronger
and resolute
I love her.. need her
my heart overflows with so much joy
that to imagine a day without her
would be like the sun has stopped shining