Friday, October 15, 2010


Fingers caressing the black leather
as the familiar comfort
seeps into Me
Glistening snaking
against My blood red nails
Envisioning the welts
it kisses brutely into his flesh
Forcing his vulnerability
his heart jumps and flesh tingles
kneeling naked alone exposed
a cool sweat coating his skin
as he learns quite quickly
he cannot begin with My disapproval
tensing again holding his breath
head bowed hoping to impress
instantly his attention is drawn
to the middle of the room
heels clicking
absorbing so much
the shiver of nervous anticipation
as he prepares for My inspection
Blood red lips smirking
the leather straps caressing hot flesh
the first compromise of body
thoughts acutely evaporating
into sharp warm sensations
bringing higher awareness
as the wrath of his Miztress unfolds
he is reminded of Her power
the unduly force that
binds his thoughts and emotions
with every lash bestowed

Miz Helena