Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Melbourne in November/December was just great! Not only did I get to chill & sightsee it was also my girls 30th birthday.

Arriving on the Sunday eve [I flew down this time for a change! that was quite the experience.. I almost missed the plane despite getting to the airport very early!] we spent that evening watching The Lion Sleeps No More & interesting discussion that followed of each others opinions. We came to the conclusion that yes, altho David Icke does seem a lil crazy [he spoke often of reptiles] the world did have a severe imbalance & here he was exposing it all.

The next day P and her boy left for Thailand for 2 wks and we were to celebrate her birthday on her return. That meant I had 2 wks to further explore this beautiful city

The highlight of my visit was the Melbourne Music Week closing gig which Oscar + Martin and others featured. It was held atop Melbourne Central Rooftop in the heart of Melbourne in the pouring rain! ha!

I got to dance like crazy... get soaked.. & listen to some fabulous music! Crazy I know but it we got to have so much fun! Below are some Vids & pics from MMW

I also got to climb Eureka Tower during twilight hours [all 89 floors] lol. The "Edge" was shut that night but the viewing platform was open. This platform is out in the open with only a screen door type steel grill mesh between U & the world below which was very cold & windy.. yep U felt every bit of the elements up there! WOW

I did the shopping thing.. markets.. beach strolls.. walked Albert Park EVERY morning [I got my time down from 1:14 to 1:07 to 1:05 to 1:03 to 1:01 but couldnt better the last time]

I spent the evenings listening to Music, cuddling up to Basil, & catching up

On the day of the arrival back, they were delayed for over 3 hours & ended up coming in late so we had a lovely quiet eve in sharing laughs & a few drinks talking bout her trip & showing me the lovely pics.

The next day I took her out for birthday lunch. We ended up getting fish & chips after a leisurely browse on Acland & we got to eat it on the beach. She was telling me of a book she was reading & how much she was enoying it so I thought DING! that'll make a perfect gift! So I got her Parts 2 & 3 & she loved it! I felt close to her that day, we shared some laughs & deep and meaningfuls & beautiful poignant memories

Melbourne was truly special this time round

The view upon leaving Melbourne was spectacular! The city and surrounds looked like a lit up circuit board from the plane.

I compiled a playlist of all the video from MMW simply click play to play all

Southbank & the Yarra on Twitpic

Yarra late afternoon on Twitpic

Royal Arcade on Twitpic