Monday, January 30, 2012

Active Child @ the OAF in Sydney

wow what can I say?.. incredible... FKING INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Pat Grossi AKA Active Child delivers and delivers superbly! I have, since discovering this awesum talent from a blip buddy, loooved his music but to hear him live was quite the experience. He actually exceeded my expectations as I was imagining hitting the high notes would be difficult during a live performance & he wouldnt sound as he normally does.


He utterly blew me away.

That voice.. that harp.. the spacy synthy filled sounds makes for a ravishing listening experience. The kind U would put on when in that dreamy state.. ready to be elevated to celestial proportions.. I read that his ethereal voice can be attributed to his childhood years of being a choir boy. Interesting!

and OMG that harp! when he strummed it ever so gently he was sending shivers down my spine and tingles in private places. I have never heard a harp being played live like that. Soothing yet sensual at the same time.. he stunned the crowd.

His performance has to be one of the best ive seen. Totally breathtakingly beautiful and atmospheric. The venue, the OAF [The Oxford Art Factory], was a snazzy lil funky place that surprized me. Its been ages since ive been anywhere near Oxford St & certainly its been my first time there. But I did enjoy it and it didnt lack any of the intimacy bigger venues do. Not that this is a big venue, no, but a place either clicks and sets the atmosphere for the performance or is a dump, and the OAF is definitely fantastic!

oh btw if U ever get the chance to visit the OAF.. make sure U try a "Sex Punch" lol.. [yes they are licensed premises] a yummy concoction of OJ, champers, vodka, lemonade, crushed ice, pineapple.. its kinda like an adults version of a slurpy lol.. & goes down well on a warm summer eve listening to your fave music

below are a few pics [OMG look at that HARP!!] and a compilation playlist [6 videos in total] of a few songs from that night... ENJOY!!