Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day

off for Happy Aust Day YAY!  on Twitpic

HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to all my Aussie friends.. I am delighted to have met U all and I hope your barbies have fired up and U take in some beach cricket.. haha!

I took off for some ice creams & ended up in Circular Quay admiring the activities.. seems I was a lil late for the main celebrations of the day.. but the ice creams made up for that lol who can resist a cookies n cream anyway?

this is a pic of me getting into the spirit of Aust day with my bright yellow B toob & Aussie cap & flag!! YAY I finks I looks fair dinkum mate!

it was great to see so many of them ol double decker busses out in town going up George St.. what memories.. I still recall how I loved riding on the top floor as a kid and imagined I was driving the bus when I sat at the front haha!