Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Hoffster

the day before my birthday last Wednesday the 18th Jan I took myself off to see the Hoffster AKA David Hasselhoff at Sydney Park who was posing with doggies and their owners all for a good cause "The Starlight Childrens Foundation"

I havent even been to that park before even tho its around 15 mins away from me!

The sun was beating down the queue was growing and those who wanted their pic taken with the Hoffster paid $100 which included a doggie wash & massage for poochy. There were many different characters roaming the park including 'Dicko' from ex Australian Idol.. stand up comedian Vince Sorrentti & several who were dressed the same as them but couldnt recognise..even Batman & Joker made an appearance!

The Hoffster was looking a lil jetlagged but that didnt stop him.. and a few even shouted out "Are U jetlagged Hoff?" to which he replied: "The Hoff is never jetlagged!" I was told he is nearly 60 which when youre up close to him U can tell.. still he had an energetic nature about him & that Hoffster charm

The highlight of that day was when I had finished filming at the top of the hill then came down & was preparing to leave when suddenly the Hoff & those around him changed into high heels lol & began strutting their stuff lol

Who could resist such a laugh?

Ended up with a great deal of sunburn that day esp round the shoulders arms & back of the neck which served as a reminder of Hoffday. Afterwards I took a leisurely stroll up King all the way to Newtown & marvelled at the exquisite furniture shops along the way.. most of em middle eastern/vintage.. wow that was a blast.. & came across this cabinet record player that I fell in love with!

below is a compilation playlist of the videos I filmed [6 in total!] & a slideshow of the piccies