Monday, February 13, 2012

M83 @ The Metro Sydney


A total high impact performance by a band I just started listening to and love, tho didnt know what to expect. But OMG what a show! M83 AKA Anthony Gonzalez and co were amazing.. and performed a great mix of their music from past to present.

M83's Melbourne support band were kicked off the tour a few days previous and a support dj substituted.. and wow he was great! nice wind up to what was to follow.

M83 opened with a guest appearance from Fly Monster.. haha! he reminded me of a grown up version of that freaky "Saw" thing lol and got stuck right into it with "Intro"

When they played Midnight City he had the crowd going wild.. switching on my camera as usual it had to be captured.. towards the end, Anthony decides to leap onto the crowd barrier right in front of me and stand upright supported by fans and security lol I got crushed against the fence in the push forward to touch him but wow it felt great! this is what a real concert should feel like.. and not only reserved for shows with pretty boy bands.

Midnight City, We Own The Sky, Kim & Jessie, Couleurs, Reunion.. all had the crowd going nuts.. with non stop dancing and jumping.. all I can say is it was great being up front.. altho looking at a few vids others made the steps were a great vantage point as well.. hmm might try that next time..

below are a few pics and a playlist of all the videos