Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day & Queen Mary 2

Happy Valentines Day to all the lovers today.

I had a different kind of Valentines. I heard the Queen Mary 2 was docked in Sydney so I went off to see her. When I got to Circular Quay, I found another ship "Pacific Jewel" instead. Then I seen a guy yelling out about a mini cruise of 20 mins duration to go see the QM2.

I had to ask..... where was she?

the reply came.. she is around the corner at Wooloomooloo.

AHH! right! of course she is. Cant very well have 2 ships of similar size at the Quay. So off we went!

she was rocking that lil boat! All up she carried 8 including the skipper. He took us on a lovely leisurely cruise around the Opera House to Wooloomooloo at Garden Island where she was docked.

AND OMG! the sheer size of her. Missed her last she was here, so I didnt know how big she really was, but even as much as U try to imagine, U never are prepared. To see her larger than life & right up close, wow and right up close we got! and awww she had red love hearts on her stacks! checking previous photos of QM2 on the net, it seems they were painted on esp for Valentines... altogether now... AWWWWWWWW

On the cruise back to the Quay, we were given a lil peek at Admiralty House which is the Governor Generals official Sydney residence. Opulent & majestic it boasts several floors and one can imagine the view from every room would be breathtaking.

Oh in case your wondering, I did buy myself a box of hearts chocolates coz I love myself. xxx

Below are pics of QM2 and Pacific Jewel & the mini cruise