Thursday, February 9, 2012

Washed Out/Toro Y Moi @ Manning Bar Sydney

WOW what a show!!.. and a double headliner at that! A first for me to see 2 brilliant acts in the one venue they blew me away with all that energy

and what a perfect pairing we got.. Ernest Greene AKA Washed Out & Chazwick Bundick AKA Toro Y Moi have toured, mixed tracks & even graduated from the same Uni together and are part of the chillwave movement. I have only recently been acquainted with both artists and its a discovery im glad to have come by. Absolutely beautiful sounds, lush, synthy and equally as catchy live as U would listening to them during a private moment at home, in the car or chilling thru headphones.

Guerre opened with superb DJ sets from a promising solo performer. Totally new to me he did have me sitting up paying attention whilst we shared a drink chilling on the lounge. U can tell he has been redolently influenced by the pair.

Washed Out stunned the crowd with dreamy selections from his EP & debut releases. Hold Out, Soft, Belong all got the crowd cheering and non stop dancing. I loved how he really got into it firing up everyone & we couldnt get enough.

Toro Y Moi was a pleasant surprize. Having also not that long ago discovered his music, I didnt know what to expect. But he didnt disappoint. Saturday Love, Talamak, New Beat... track after track just fantastic. Chillwave is just one of his sounds, U would be amazed at what else he can conjure up. Elements from indie to even a bit of prog he is one multitalented individual.

A great night had. Below are 2 sets of video playlists. I decided they both needed their own. One for Washed Out & the other for Toro Y Moi and a few pics from the night.