Thursday, March 22, 2012

Melbourne 2012 Formula One & Duran Duran

hello everyone welcome to the first post of March and what a better way to kick it off with a exciting account of my Melbourne trip to visit my girl and see the 2012 Australian F1 grand prix & witness the supreme legendary new wave 80's band Duran Duran play at the Rod Laver Arena.

My trip began rather soggily, farewelling Sydney on a early rain soaked Saturday morning, I couldnt wait to get aboard the train & head to a weekend of perfect warm temperatures in Melbourne. I had secured my tickets to both events the previous month & now the day had finally arrived! I was expecting a full-ish train on the journey down as it was race eve & to see alot of country NSW partially flooded from all the rain. I was seated next to a pleasant fellow who had a ipad & headphones & who was keeping pretty much to himself until I broke the ice with some opening small talk. After that we talked non stop about F1 & sport & study & where he was from & where he was off to. Turns out he was also going to the grand prix so we exchanged numbers and told each other to let the other know where each would be. He was attending with his sister & bro-in-law. Agreed.

When I arrived in Melbourne there was a sense of excitement in the air. People everywhere, F1 shops, loud F1 displays, and my girl was there to greet me. It was so good to see her again, it seems the time is long between visits even if its only a few months. St Kilda was thriving, awash with race goers, visitors & locals all buzzing with excitement and race gear attired.

I slowly made my way to the track the next day at around 2-ish, the F1 powers had decided on another twilight race & I wanted to get a good viewing spot before the bulk of the crowds get there. WOW and I did! Entering thru gate 10, I found a set of block steps close to turn 14 that meant I could see the cars thundering down from turn 13 hurtling towards us to the next corner. The day ended up being gorgeous! Partly cloudy gave way to almost clear blue skies & a beautiful sunny day.

Had an absolute fun filled action packed day! I had discovered I was amongst a few Ferrari supporters who had on thick bright red wigs & draped in the Ferrari flag & who then preseeded to tease me about my earplugs LOL! Isnt that why you come to a grand prix they asked, to hear the engines? I explained that if I wasnt wearing em I would be going around for the next few days with a puzzled look on my face & saying eh? what was that? speak up I cant hear ya lol

The race proved exciting & quite a surprize, a lil disappointing & cars & drivers to keep a look out for. It was, as usual hard to follow trackside so I had to wait to watch it uninterrupted when I got home, but as I say every year, nothing beats being there. The track walk after it was over was chockers we tried making our way to watch the podium celebrations but couldnt quite make it round the few final corners onto the straight in time so we stopped in front of a giant screen & I filmed that! better than nothing I thought.

Then the search was on for a piece of debris from the cars that crashed, but the sweel of the crowd on pit straight made it impossible to progress past further, and we had to turn back. I did however find a rather large piece of tyre marble which I now proudly own lol

That night it was barbie on the balcony & how yummy that was. M has been trained well in the art of grilling steak to perfection. The only thing missing I told him is his masterchef apron. Made a mental note.

The next day Monday my girl took me to meet her boss at the salon she works at & to give me a spray tan, something ive never ever had! and wow how kool it turned out. I ended up being darker than her, even if it was fake, I have never in forever been that dark before. (see picture above, taken at the Duran Duran show that same evening, some 8 hours after being sprayed!)

Duran Duran were just fantastic! The Rod Laver Arena was the perfect place to host such an iconic event too. Love it when I experience new venues, and altho this venue was huge, we had the best seats just left of the stage & high up. and OMG Duran Duran rocked! mixing old and new, they had the whole arena clapping dancing & reliving their days of obsession. Song after song, it made U go.. YESS! more please. Trigger happy me was getting carried away LOL!

Duran Duran = Utterly sensational

The next day Tursday was free day so I took off for Chapel St to explore the shops. Chapel St is a haven for both a bargain & the fashion conscious shopper so it had the best of both worlds. I took a peek in a few op shops & ended up catching a tram into town afterwards then onto the beach for ice cream. It was my last day so I tried fitting it all in. The best purchase that day was the Red Bull official mark Webber tee & fridge magnets I picked up for $40 off race day prices.. smart me!

below are Duran Duran & F1 playlist of videos I made & slideshows of each