Thursday, March 29, 2012

Welcome My Darling

Her naked, curvaceous body stirred. Raising her arms above her head, smiling, she slowly opened her eyes, oblivious for a slight moment where she was exactly, stretching languriously.

Turning over her shoulder, she sees him.

He is still sleeping peacefully, and she is pleasantly aware of a slight grin. He must be dreaming she thinks to herself, slowly swiveling her legs over the edge and heading for the bathroom.

As shes splashes the cool water over her face, she gets flashes of their first encounter, last night. It’s the first time he has shared her bed, and let him indulge her. She still feels the tingling pulsating thru her body as she allows these hot thoughts to run thru her mind. The build-up, the urgency, the passion, they had been lovers for months before he couldn’t stand it any longer and begged her to meet.

He turned up at her door, smiling, holding his arms out, as she instantly fell into them, kissing him, feeling him. They both knew what they were there for, no words needed. The electricity in the air seem to sizzle as they locked eyes, unable to contain themselves as they were invisibly drawn to the huge bathroom.

Welcome my darling she mumbled under his rough kisses, which covered her everywhere, slowly peeling off her tiny tee and shorts, and hoisting her up to the bench where he had better access to her delectable curvaceous body.. She spread open for him, her drenched thighs exciting him. Positioning himself between, he cradled her ample breasts in his hands and licked her erected nipples. Watching intently for her reaction as he began to suck her boobs into his mouth, softly nipping, squeezing, letting out soft moans into his ear. Her thighs spread open wider, her lower body rocking from his touch. Grabbing his chin, she drew closer planting wet, desperate kisses on his lips, parting his and exploring his eager tongue. He reached down to find her rigid clit pulsating, her wetness soaking his fingers, as he began rubbing her steamy folds.

Oh baby, I want you to taste and devour my pussy she whispered, licking his lips as if to show him the way she liked it. He didn’t hesitate. Lowering his kisses to her neck and back to her breasts, he continued kissing his way down to her navel, finally reaching her hotspot, prolonging the aching by nipping and licking his way all along her trembling inner thighs.

Instantly, she arched her back, her moans increasing, as he teased and licked her everywhere but there till she couldn’t stand it any longer, guiding his face to her throbbing mound and pushing his wet lips onto her. He took her delish love button gingerly into his mouth and began to suck and play with it, thrilling her, deep moans of pleasure escaping her lips, alternatively sliding his fingers into her moist slit, as she gyrated and writhed, wrapping her silky thighs around his neck, watching him feasting opulently and greedily.

With precision, he licked her good, up and down, all around, inside and out, her soaked cunt building up to the most anticipated amazing orgasm, how she longed for his touch, and now that he was finally with her, she was going to explode into his open mouth, and wanted him to lap it up, drink her, show his enthusiasm and lust for her.

The moment was now, as he drove his tongue deep into her tightness, his finger on her quivering clit, the wave rising, lost in sensation, as it came crashing, ripples of intense pleasure tingling her entire being, squeezing her thighs around him, crying out his name, rocking with him, over and over, her body heaving, then finally subsiding. Her spasms apparent, holding her pussy lips wide, allowing him to savour in her seeping juices.

Bringing his face to her, she licked away her scent off his lips, tasting herself, slimy tongues mingling, hungry, desperate, wanting more. This was just for starters, the night was going to be long. His rock hard cock, was eager for her attention

Lifting her off the bench she turned on the shower, and stepped inside. The cool water felt so good against her hot sweaty skin. She beckoned him to join her. Not wasting any time, stripping off, he immediately stepped in beside her and reached for her wet body, the kool water washing over both of them. Squeezing a generous amount of shower gel into her palms she proceeded to wash him everywhere, rubbing his skin, slightly scratching over his shoulders and back which gave him a sense of what was to come when they emerged. He did the same to her, soaping up her breasts and pussy, stirring her juices, feeling her, his expert hands all over her. It was time.

Slipping into fluffy large towels she took him by the hand and led him to her huge circular bed, with black satin sheets and aromatic scents wafting thru the air, subtle suggestive erotica hanging elegantly on the walls, the mood was right. The evening was just beginning!

Peeling off her towel, he laid her delicately onto the silky bedding and admired the voluptuous beauty before him. Months of waiting, agonising, anticipating was now finally a reality, and he couldn’t be happier.

Laying beside her, he watched her heaving breasts for a moment as she took deep breaths, her chest rising, her body slightly quivering, waiting for his touch, his love to engulf her, ravish her, as if her owned her. He reached for her huge ample boobs and slowly began stroking, tracing their shape, squeezing, teasing, looking at her in the eyes as he did so. She returned his stare, her eyes narrowing, her breath becoming soft pants, her whole groin area tingling. My love he whispered, tonight you will be under my spell, you are mine now, a desire I've had for a long time, the pain almost unbearable, till I held you here tonight.

Cradling her face in his hands, he parted her lips once again and deeply tongued her, his kissing stirring her folds, seeping slowly between her moist lips below. She eagerly responded by closing her eyes, losing herself, the passion so intense, urgent, letting him take her to a far away destination she was unsure of, yet totally submitting to. The headiness of his soft tongue caresses were driving her wild with abandonment, unleashing long lost passion she thought she'd never feel again, until she met him.

His kisses felt good, he didn’t hold back in making sure she felt them everywhere. Lips, cheeks, ears, neck, eyes, stomach, breasts, there was no stopping them, and she allowed herself to indulgue. Slowly, his tempo increased, as did his technique. She loved the way he would tease, nip, lick her and look for her reaction. Her moaning, and verbal use of his name frequently, spoke volumes, and made his cock even harder. He felt as if he was about to burst just by being with her, feeling her beside him, exploring her, but he had trained himself for this moment a long time ago. He wanted to please her, enjoy her, and that meant self control. It was damn hard, she made it so, but he did his best to hold back.

Pulling her on top of him, she straddled his chest, opening her thighs in his face, and let his tongue go to work on her again. Rubbing herself on his bristly chin, up and down, she closed her eyes dropping her head back and let out deep moans that delighted him. He wanted her scent on him, her taste in his mouth, and her moment of pleasure to wash over him. Licking his way inside her hot slit, he held her bare ass in his hands as he pushed her further and further into his eager face, her juices smothering him.

Her moans were filling the room, telling him to suck on her clit, as she looked down to watch him. He locked eyes with her, as her rigid love button disappeared between his lips, sucking her, twirling it around his tongue, feeling her tremble as she cried out with the most amazing shuddering orgasm that wouldn’t let up. Over and over the waves of pleasures radiating thru her, like electric current, pushing herself down onto him, as her spasms began. Holding open her lips, he was in awe as her inner drenched lips closed in in rythym, allowing her seeping delicious juices to flow into his open mouth. He drank her up, slurping her, using his tongue as you would a towel to completely lick her lips almost dry.

As her orgasm slowly subsided, her flipped her over down onto the bed face down and roughly spread her thighs. His cock was in agony, he needed to feel her from the inside, feel her heat, her walls closing in around him. He positioned himself between and slightly raised her hips off the bed. She looked like the norty girl he had visions of in his dreams, and now, here she was, all his, down on all fours and he was about to dip into the sweetest nectar honey pot.

Reaching down between her legs, turning her head slightly to look at him, she started rubbing her clit as he slid his massive throbbing pole along her burning hole, and over her swollen puffy lips. His teasing was too much, and she begged him to fuck her. He loved hearing that. Her sex was insatiable, wild, no woman has ever touched the core of his being like she had for a long time.

Grabbing his cock, finding her tight wet opening, he teased her with little pushes of his thick head at the entrance, splicing her lips open then finally sinking his aching cock into the depths of her fiery inferno. Instantly, loud moans escaping his lips, drawing out then plunging in again. She felt so good, her walls squeezing tight around him, this was his moment. His moment to be selfish, demand of her, indulge her, use her as his toy. Again and again he repeatedly drove the entire length of his hard cock balls deep into her soaked snatch, his xxcitement building fast, listening to her filth, her pleasure, her wet pussy sounds. She submitted to him totally.

Grunting hard, he was fucking her hot slit good.

Grabbing her by her curvaceous hips, he steadied her as his tempo increased, along with his desperate moaning and heavy breathing. Her tight friction felt amazing, he knew she felt it too, when she yelled out she could feel every inch of his hard cock. Mmmm she was sooo norty. And he loved it.

His cock was about to unleash with every thrust, his throbbing building, tearing into her again and again like a beast possessed. Her screams mingling with his deep groaning. Fast approaching the point of no return. Where do you want me to cum he asked, slapping her round ass, continuing to pound into her. I want to taste you she responded, I want your hot cum all over my face and in my mouth. Mmmmm

His cock couldn’t handle it another second, she wanted him so much with her licking of her lips and sexy bedroom eyes. Thrusting, roaring, he pulled out and she quickly turned around between his legs as he shot his hot built-up load into her open awaiting mouth and all over her face.. His cum pumping out uncontrollably in huge spurts as she tasted him and let him cover her.

Licking his cum off her face, he shared it with her not missing a drop. Using his tongue to feed her, spread it all over her tongue and watched her swallow it all.

Yes their steamy night of lovemaking had just begun, they were both like a never-ending fire that never went out and they both needed more quelling. Laying in each others arms, bodies entwined, eyes locked, they kissed passionately both relishing in the afterglow, tho never allowing it to kool. Had she found her soulmate? both in love and sex? time would tell.