Thursday, May 10, 2012


My girl beacame a Godmother last weekend to gorgeous lil Mila. It was the most beautiful ceremony ive seen & I was so proud of her for breezing thru it looking fabulous and carrying herself very well. She shone.

The church was a small quaint rustic Orthodox church with a bit of history and very much looked the part with its huge double cast iron bells and sandstone exterior with lavish iconagraphical artifacts inside.

The whole procedure is indeed a lil complex to those that are unfamiliar with the Orthodox christian views, and it would be very difficult for me to try to explain when I myself arent aware of each step.

But basically what was involved was the sponsor [Godmother] acknowledges her role as spiritual guide for the child and renounces Satan. A mini sort of exorism is even performed where the priest chants for demons to leave the child which then the Godmother mockingly spits on the ground repeating I renounce Satan. That bit had everyone chuckling, which lighened the mood & had a few wondering what was happening.

Following that the baby is then prepared for the holy oil & dipping into what looked to be a huge silver goblet 3 times, whole. Poor lil Mila disagreed with most of it, but soon settled when placed in a warm sheet and dried off & dressed. Sooo cute!

For the full breakdown of an Orthodox baptism click here

Afterwards invited guests were treated to a buffet lunch at the proud grandparents house, which was delightful. There I got to mingle and see people I havent seen in ages and we had a lovely time catching up.

Below is a slide show of the events of that day.