Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lighting Of The Sails Vivid LIVE 2012

Wasnt going to miss it this year!

Last year for some reason or another I was quite regrettably indisposed, so I was thrilled I could get out and see it live this year.

And OH MY! it took my breath away. I already had prepared myself after seeing pictures of vivid last year, but the lead up was promising somthing totally different, and it lived up to its promise!

Initially running late with a overwhelming sense of excitement, I arrived to see Customs House brightly lit and a whirl of colours. People were standing around in awe, as was I, eyes darting left, right, up, down everywhere. It was breathtaking. To be there live amongst it doubly so. The feeling it gave U was pride that U belong to this great event and city, and it was time for Sydney to come alive for Vivid. It was difficult to peel away.

Next I headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art and oh my lushness, I found it equally as breathtaking. It was just undescribable the brilliance. Objects, people were depicted moving, swirling, connecting, awestruck by the incredible lighting. I felt like it was dancing in front of your eyes, like things might leap off the facade and turn into reality.

In fact, looking around me the whole of Circular Quay was awash in animation & colour.

I ventured over to the Opera House side prepared to be totally blown away. The light display from URBANSCREEN was spectacular. It focused primarily on people rolling, climbing onto the sails with lively animation scattering, building, floating around them. Just incredible to watch. One is in awe just imagining how an event so magnificent is put together when witnessing such beauty.

It was pretty nippy out in the harbour city so I grabbed a delicious Guylian Hot Choc and sipped it as I filmed. Perfect. I left to go home smug with the thought that I'll be back witnessing the brilliance in a few days when we get to see Zola Jesus & Light Asylum at the studio.

Below is a slideshow of pictures taken of Customs House, Museum of Contemporary Art & Opera House including surrounds and a playlist of videos I filmed