Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Roller Disco


Time Out Sydney had caught my eye with an advert for Roller Disco night at UNSW Roundhouse and who could resist such a fun 70's disco themed night?

When we arrived we were greeted with an assortment of lively characters, mostly dressed in shiny lycras, hotpants, legwarmers, sequins. Jim Morrisson, Tina Turner, Jackson 5, Tony Montana even Jesus were getting their groove on, skating, gyrating and boogie-ing on down to the best 70's/80's disco hits. Song after song was just a blast from the past goodie.

Last time I put on 4-wheeler skates must of been late 70's when mom use to take us skating at Manly Roller Rink behind where Ocean World is presently situated. OMG how rusty was I?.. Terribly rusty. Almost connecting rear end with dancefloor rusty. I was wishing my knee wasnt so fked up, because i'd be dangerous then.

But really fun evening had. The music and lively atmosphere made it so. I couldnt wait to make a Roller Disco playlist.

Below is a slideshow & playlist of Roller Disco videos