Friday, May 18, 2012

A World Without Petrol

I ended up going into town to spend a lovely afternoon in the sun & catch the quirky fun "A World Without Petrol" exhibition at the forecourt outside Customs House today. Nissan LEAF 100% electric NO petrol car was on display surrounded by quite a few offbeat petrol bowsers.

Barbers shop, telephone booth, fireplace, clock, television, garden, birdcage, oven, gumball dispenser, pacman, aquarium, doghouse, greenhouse, refrigerator were just some of the fun themes. Some were real working models too!

In the centre of the Customs House forecourt was a beautiful white petrol bowser fountain centrepiece. It depicted several bowsers bundled together with the hoses pointed into the sky spilling water [yes it definitely was water] It looked beautiful against the Customs House facade.

What would a world with no petrol cars be like?.. planet Earth healing & a cleaner greener environment & people enjoying the fact they are contributing to one and that can only be beneficial for the future of our beautiful planet.

Below is a slideshow of each of the petrol bowsers that were there, along with the Nissan electric car.