Sunday, July 22, 2012


Had a fun day out revisting beautiful Coogee Beach. I cant remember the last time I had been there so its definitaly been ages. But you know when you revisit a place and a certain landmark or structure reminds you again? Well it was seeing the tidal pool & Giles Baths again that reminded me how unique Coogee is.

When I decided to walk up to the northern point, I was indeed reminded how long. A memorial had been erected for the 'Coogee Dolphins' victims of the Bali Bombing that occured in October 2002, that was strikingly beautiful & sad at the same time and they had remamed the area "Dolphins Point". I also came across the famous site of the 'Virgin Mary' apparition that first appeared in 2003. The site has been adorned in rosary beads, various other religious paraphernalia, newspaper clippings & images. Freaky!

Most splendid afternoon had with ice cream in hand strolling & enjoying the breathtaking view. A return visit in the warmer months is definitely on the cards.

After visiting Coogee, I took a leisurely drive to La Perouse site of the landing of the French Fleet. Below is a slideshow of Coogee & La Perouse pictures.