Monday, August 27, 2012

Battleships @ Upstairs Beresford

Finally got to see one of the most amazing local bands last week, and WOW! After discovering and listening to their debut release, In Retrospect, I was hooked. It instantly became a hot fave and shot to the top becoming my SOTW [song of the week] for several weeks running. This stunning up and coming indie 4-piece draw from many influences, hail from Sydney and have taken up residency at The Upstairs Beresford for the entire month of August.

The venue The Upstairs Beresford, is one of the upmarket boutique pubs in the city. Stylish, with bars, limited booth seating [requiring a booking] & a wide stage area, the crowds were young hip and beautiful. My companion for the evening & I arrived just as happy hour ended and Sons began. Sons, an indie band from Melbourne, unknown to us but certainly a band to keep a eye on, amazed us with their sound. You know when you hear a band and they seem to remind you of a band you like but cant pinpoint who? I tried to look them up to find out more and they werent anywhere to be found!

Nevertheless, we were there for Battleships and we were totally blown away! Widely acclaimed and on the rise, it will be interesting to note where Battleships go from here.