Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Future Islands @ OAF

Future Islands were truly electrifying!!!! The wait was over. One of my most fave bands of late I was hoping would tour, were embarking on a short Aussie stopover and there was no way I would miss it. Future Islands is one of those bands that remain with you after you discover just how appealing their music really is. Their unique sound and vocal style had won me over and here they were now LIVE!!!

This 3 piece synth band from Baltimore consisting of keyboardist Gerrit Welmers, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, William Cashing and the amazing vocalist Samuel Herring had the crowd carrying out their most rowdiest raucous behaviour. They sang a fabulous mix of songs with a couple of untitled freshies added to the set.


*if you fall
*give us the wind
*inch of dust
*before the bridge
*untitled [we're still writing it]
*cotton town
*close to none
*walkin through that door
*long flight
*tin man
*untitled [but you can dance to it]
*vireo's eye
*so far away
*little dreamer

Samuels raunchy vocals were passionate, intense amd so emotional, you could almost feel the potency virtually pour out of him. He didnt disappoint. Little Dreamer brought so much emotion to the fore. They're definitely in a class of their own and a band I would definitely see again.