Tuesday, October 23, 2012



Husky a indie/folk band originally from Melbourne were into their "Tidal Wave" Oz tour after extensive UK/EU touring and the release of their debut album 'Forever So' and guess who won a double pass?

What an amazing band! Husky [Husky is also the name of the lead vocalist] takes the audience on a trip through their captivating hum-along music which arouses warmth, reminiscent of poignant memories. Husky draws you into the full experience by getting the audience to visualize scenarios that compliment them so well.

Moments to remember the spring garden and first produce, parts of ourselves that best be constrained but refuse to be and dedications to wild wonderful women, Husky captivated the crowd. It was the perfect end to the weekend.

Dark Sea, Hunter, The Woods, new song Wolf Man, a brilliant INXS cover, even more brilliant extended piano solo, had stunned the crowd. Even my companion for the evening was so impressed that he ended up purchasing 'Forever So' CD without knowing them previously. That made me smile. Thanks for yet another fabulous evening OAF!