Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monorail Treasure Hunt

What fun! I had purchased tickets to the Monorail Treasure Hunt months ago. The October long weekend seemed a perfect time to take advantage of the expiring deadline as other events had also taken up a spot on the calendar making it a full weekend. It had worked out well!

Arriving mid afternoon, I met my companion for the day at Town Hall and we decided to board at close by Victoria Gallery. I had briefly, the day previous, whilst on a quick trip to town, stopped and enquired at Victoria Gallery station as to what was involved. I was shown a map and given a glance over the instructions which seemed to be a sequence of clues/questions and was told it expired over the weekend with the answers to be filled in online and a printable pirate certificate issued.

Ok, so here we were being issued our day passes and maps and were told to go back downstairs as the first clue could be found out on the street on a map. This initially confused us, as C1 did not in anyway correspond to our surroundings and we were frantically searching for things that were obviously meant to be elsewhere. The clues were written slightly cryptically with 'tracks' either being interpreted as monorail tracks or light rail tracks.

We finally clicked and began a loop of the city and headed to Marketplace where we came to the conclusion that 'tracks' in C1 meant light rail tracks beside the entrance to the market. DING! Everything from that point clicked into place. It seemed the answers were almost leaping out in front of our eyes. DOH!

Clues 1-5 were in and around Chinatown and a few new discoveries [actually this whole adventure ended up being several new discoveries!] A clue for a brightly illustrated laneway with angel-like beings floating above, in particular, had us baffled guessing what kind of painted weather feature it had on its walls. It looked like wind or clouds to us, or possibly snowflakes? hmm [still stumped on that one lol oh well]

Clues 6-9 centred around Town Hall and things you normally miss or dont pay attention to when out and about, with one we had to pick up from inside the monorail as we passed it, so we had to be vigilant. [that particular answer we had a couple of goes at, as it just slipped us by when we were looking for something we thought would stand out according to its colour description lol]

It was now time for the exciting part me hardies and really be pirates lol Harbourside!

Clues 10-13 were spent exploring in Darling Harbour [opposite city end] and we came across some very interesting relics. Lighthouse, lifeboats, anchors and ancient pines were the themes of the afternoon. This is where we took our time and slowed things down a bit. The AFL was on the big screen and we walked into a sea of a loud red and white crowd cheering, drinking, watching the big game from the many bars facing the screen. We continued down to the Darling Quarter and grabbed some Thai and sat going over the afternoon and compared our answers. We lingered.

By this time it had turned cool and dark and we decided to go for one more loop around to try and figure out what the answer was to the clue we missed from inside the monorail. I switched on the camera as we departed and captured most of the trip around with the view from the window looking down onto busy Saturday evening Sydney.

It had been a marvellous day, a great workout of non-stop walking and it was time to say farewell. However, it seems we'll soon again be enjoying much more of Darling Harbour with generous discounts included with the monorail day pass. YAY!

Below is a slide show of pictures and a video from the monorail. ENJOY!