Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 NRL Grand Final BBQ Party

The Bulldogs lost the grand final but its not surprising considering that the Storm played just about perfect football. Despite that and with a bit more luck, the dogs could have still won.

Ennis held up over the line, Ben Barba being called back for a knock on after sprinting 90 metres and Perrett dropping an intercept, are a few things that might have gone the Bulldogs way. Also Barba and Morris linked up a few times including the best moment of a scoreless second half almost repeating their Mackay try combination with Barba kicking infield for Morris, except this time Slater arrived at the last second to punch the ball away.

Earlier in the first half it was Melbourne who dominated, scoring 3 tries off the back of most of the possession and field position. The only Bulldogs points came from a Perrett try in the corner which sparked a wild scene when Slater came sliding in dangerously to stop Perrett with James Graham apparently biting Slater's ear.

Its a disappointing end to the season having come so close but im proud of the progress made. If you had told me this time last year what would happen, I would be very excited. So full credit to Hasler, the players and coaching staff for turning it around in a short timeframe and congratulations to the Storm for copying the Bulldogs strategy for winning the Premiership, this result 2 years after getting caught salary cap cheating is very similiar to the last Bulldogs title in 2004.

Nevertheless, we had a lovely NRL grand final party with snags on the barbie, great company and plenty of cheers as well as anxious moments! We had even dressed little Charlie in a cute blue and white Bulldogs bib. Im sure that inflated his little ego a wee bit and he imagined he was a real bulldog lol.

Stay hungry [without biting anyone] for 2013 boys!

Below is the gang mucking around after the game and a grand final highlights video.