Thursday, October 4, 2012

Peter Combe @ OAF

Thanks again to my good friends the OAF for a family pass, this time to see the king of the kids, multiple ARIA winner Peter Combe, and what an absolutely fun quirky performance it was!

As most Aussie kids, we grew up listening to his famous songs from the early 80's like Toffee Apple, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Wash Your face With Orange Juice and more. It turned out even Jeans knew of him, as he had toured schools a few years ago.

The Quirky Berzerky Tour had kicked off and it was difficult in choosing which show to attend. Peter Combe also apparently has an over 18's show [he said with raised eyebrow lol] for the fans that grew up listening to him, and he also was doing regular kids/family shows. I opted for the family matinee pass and thought it would top off a great long weekend out with the gang.

Most of his stand-out songs were sung [Newpaper Mama, Wash Your face With OJ, Tadpole, Captain Cook] with the assistance of a brilliant kids dance group, along with a couple of tracks from his most recent album, Quirky Berzerky [the Turkey from Turkey] with Toffee Apple as a stand out fave.

Following the show we went for dumplings at World Square which were yummy! First time ive had them too.