Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sculptures By The Sea

Went to see Sculptures By The Sea this afternoon and what a interesting exhibit it was. Quite the subjective experience, Sculptures By The Sea is a yearly [since 1997] event on the coastal walk between Tamarama and Bondi beaches. Sculptures of the weird and wonderful and innovative clever kind adorn the walkway from talented local and international artists.

I took a leisurely stroll capturing most of the quirky exhibits commencing at Tamarama right through to Bondi. It was a splendid day out, very windy but very warm, the water was a beautiful blue, the sky had not one cloud in sight and I ended up turning a slight shade of pink.

Afterward, I sat and admired the view from Tamarama and Bronte with video and images from each view below. What a gorgeous afternoon had! Enjoy the slide show!

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