Sunday, December 23, 2012

Morrissey Sydney Opera House

Morrissey! The sheer presence of this iconic brilliant artist was definately one of the highlights of 2012. The return downunder after a 10 year absence of one of the most influential artists that makes doom and gloom seem almost like a fashion statement was highly anticipated, and naturally, I had set my mind to be blown.

The choice between The Enmore or the Opera House was an easy one. I mean, seriously, Morrissey just begged to be seen at the House, there was no choice really.

and what a performance he gave!

Arriving to an atmosphere buzzing with excitement, my seat, I discovered, was almost the perfect vantage point. Slightly off centre right to stage, it seemed like Morrissey would be something I could reach out and touch. In fact, the whole of the concert hall it seemed was a mass of great seating. In the lead up to what was promising to be a memorable performance, the brilliant retro video show entertained us with an amazing array of past international talent.

After an extended intro of rotating white spotlights and mentions of various world events, Morrissey and his matching grey slacks band emerged to screaming cheering fans, bowing to the crowd, uttering [I think]: 'why ask for the stars, when you can woo me?' Everyday is Like Sunday followed.

Everyday Is Like Sunday
Shoplifters of the World Unite [Smiths]
You're the One For Me Fatty
Black Cloud
Action Is My Middle Name
November Spawned a Monster
Alma Matters
The Youngest Was the Most Loved
To Give [The Reason I Love]
I Know It's Over [Smiths]
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Meat Is Murder
Let Me Kiss You
You Have Killed Me
Still Ill [Smiths]
Irish Blood, English Heart
Ouija Board, Ouija Board
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want [Smiths]
How Soon Is Now? [Smiths]

Morrissey gave the fans what they wanted. During the last tour, he apparently left out playing any Smiths but this time round we were treated to the best from that era. I Know Its Over in particular, evoked the crowd, sparking very audible gasps of delight. Interspersed with the stellar setlist were band intros, stripping off a sweaty shirt and watching it being thrown into the crowd, fans attempting to climb on stage, audience interaction [Morrissey asked the fans if they wanted to speak.. and got some humourous responses and seriously, who would pass up the chance to speak with him?...'would you go on a date with me?' 'I would like to marry you' 'you have saved me from 10,000 heartbreaks'], more deadpan gloomy comments like 'Im the kind of person who'll go to the gallows before their time' 'I was born a 95 year old soul' 'Im so happy im going outside to throw myself under a car', to draping himself with a flag which also ended up as crowd fodder - you could not fault Morrissey.

'When I sing about romance, the songs arent very long' he expressed, but isnt that what makes them so desirable, that blatant irreverence?

'Look at my grave and remember these words' preceded one of the highlights of the evening, Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want, the throes of fans swaying, some with hands in the air, just spellbound.

A quick escape to the back, amidst the cheering crowd, Morrissey was back in a blue shirt, standing in line, bowing, saying thanks before launching the encore which just detonated the place - an electrifying Smiths classic, How Soon Is Now? What a perfect end to a perfect evening!

Morrissey.. oh my.. what an absolute splendor you are! xx