Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tame Impala

Returning home after successful international touring coupled with the release of their 2nd studio album, Lonerism, which was named NME magazine album of the year, Tame Impala were into their extensive national tour with 2 back to back shows at the Enmore Theatre.

Seated in the lounge area, with a reasonable view of the stage [providing Lurch and co werent attending], the lights dimmed with Tame Impala nonchalantly walking onstage and suddenly the whole theatre smelt like the person behind you had just lit up a joint.

Hazy, smoke-filled stage, one hell of an amazing oscilloscopic light display, hypnotic echoing of guitars and Kevin's distorted and dream-like vocals, Tame Impala belted through a terrific setlist. The reason they are huge faves with the home crowd was very clear.

Everyone was in the mood to dance, and with such hits as Elephant, a high level of crowd delirium was guaranteed.

The highlight of the evening was a epic mind-blowing 10 minute finale of "Half Glass of Wine". With most of the seats now empty, the crowd had taken up standing positions in the aisles, swaying wildly, hugging, smiling. All that was missing was the scenery really and prolly a flower or two in the hair. Simply amazing!