Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bat For Lashes Enmore Theatre 30/01/13

INCREDIBLE, CAPTIVATING, CHARMING! Mz Khan left me utterly gobsmacked with her knockout performance at the Enmore Theatre. Its been nearly two years since the baroque-pop talent aka Bat For Lashes, graced our shores as part of Laneway Festival and here she was back, post "Haunted Man" enchanting us again!

Fresh back from Rainbow Serpent Festival and Melbourne that same Wednesday afternoon, I was excited at the promise of seeing Bat For Lashes, the perfect culmination of a great week.

Prancing onto the stage in a beautiful multicoloured rainbow silky skirt, crop top and matching cape [which was later shed], Natasha alternated between sensual gyrations, percussion banging, heathrenish romps, raunchy dance numbers, to strikingly beautiful ballads. Her goddess like charms igniting the crowd. From the top lounge area where I was seated, her eloquent vocals were incredible, full, rich and energetic, an embodiment breathing life into a meritorious setlist.

A brilliant yet down to earth presence, Natasha reminded me of a mischievous, playful, impish child with her effortless delightful flair. Her spoken narratage spirited and sweet, she often beamed, which radiated throughout the masses, the reception as warm as she projected.

Whats a Girl To Do?
Travelling Woman
Oh Yeah
All Your Gold
Horses of The Sun
Horse and I
Siren Song
A Wall
Sleep Alone
Pearls Dream
The Haunted Man

Timeless and passionate, Bat For Lashes shone. The lounge audience prompted by her request to stand at the end during the encore, had risen from their seats and joined in dancing, swaying, hands in the air to an epic favourite, Daniel. All around, people were immersed in her fervency. What a wonderful evening.