Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sonic Animation

After the excitement of Rainbow earlier this year, it had seemed like ages since ive been out to see a band, or even out for that matter, so when I had seen OAF tweeting to win a double pass to see the returning 90's Aussie techno greats, Sonic Animation, I thought BEWWWWWWDY!

I needed a pick me up, anything really to get me back into the groove, and an end-of-week du jour OAF gig appeared ideal.

4-piece support band, Tokyo Denmark Sweden were quite the surprize. Playing opportunely alongside silent film re-runs projected against a dungeon-like brick wall, with complimentary red fluorescent lighting setting the dishevelled arty tone, they romped through their punchy setlist, pausing for band intros, a spot of humour and audible slugs of beer.

When the drapes were drawn following an extended intermission, Sonic Animation's familiar techno-licked sound pounded its way across the stage, with frontman Adrian Cartwright dressed as an overgrown street kid in baggy cropped denim pants and matching bright red tee and sneakers, jumping, hands in the air, encouraging the crowd to move closer. Most of the sparce crowd in the front were bouncing and dancing wildly, mimicing it seemed.

Between pick-up lines [were they meant to be so lame?], regaling of drunken stories undoubtedly from his ingenuous youth, furry fun creatures, to announcing the new album 'Once More From the Bottom' and their timely comeback, Sonic Amimation put on a highly charged show. The highlight of the evening was the 90's hit Theophilus Thistler complete with Robert Roley and Theophilus Thistler, the furry, mischievous, geeky graffiti artist characters, that I learnt were fans selected by the band. In addition, 2 fans in the crowd dressed up as scaled down versions of Robert and Theophilus, were invited up to prance around along with the band as well.

Whilst they arent no Josh Abrahams, nonetheless, Sonic Animation are back zealously spinning the decks. WOOOOO