Saturday, April 27, 2013


The harsh cold hardened steel
vice-like darkly seductive,
he is reminded of his wretchedness
and devotion to Her imperious whims
the scent of his Miztress
piercing the air
 taking in Her musk
the imminence of Her wrath
responding dutifully
torturous and bare
Her searing gaze
prying for traces of feebleness
echoes of haughty laughter
raking crimson nails over quivering flesh
he is but an object of ridicule
'how pathetic you are boy'
the tumultuous stinging of her vitiating words
abrading his mind
systematically designed
to dismantle his egotistic perch
striking the first blow,
wincing, cowering
pained expressions that satisfied Her
shameless ownership for Her amusement

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