Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dark Domination

the flickers of light like pixies
dancing against the shadows
implements and toys hanging like respectable soldiers
Her hand lightly caresses the intimidating tools
absorbing their scent and texture
She is reminded of the tears they have brought forth
and the scars they have left behind
the tinkering of the harsh steel
and clicking of Her heels
sending jolts up his spine
in the dimly lit corner
he is standing,
left alone to prepare for Her inspection
knowing he soon will be in such compromise
and no longer in control of his being
body tensing
trying hard to impress
feeling his hands shaking
a slick of sweat coating his skin
his body a sacrifice
all of him for Her whims
he knows he cannot begin with Her disapproval
the motionless space
taking him to soaring heights of anticipation
the light catching Her black latex
as She draws nearer
the walls seem to fade away
feeling Her power radiate
Her wicked grin
Her piercing stare
Her demoralizing commands
evaluating every part of him
incoherant thoughts mumble impetuously in his head
spearing virtue and tears
standing before him
a pure vision of dark domination
cracking the rod
not making contact,
but allowing the sound to penetrate his mind,
watching him tremble
morally depraved
a desire to please so strong
it quivers through his veins
building into a warm ache rapidly
imbibing each sensation that is being carved into his skin

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