Thursday, June 6, 2013

Heritage Orchestra Performs Vangelis Blade Runner

After witnessing the mindblowing Kraftwerk experience, the Heritage Orchestra performing Vangelis Blade Runner the following evening to a packed out concert hall was the perfect anitdote for restorative balance.

Talk about lush soundscape.

UK's Heritage Orchestra a 30-piece orchestra formed in 2004, have collaborated with the likes of many contemporary artists from a wide range of genres. Their facebook profile quite matter-of-factly states: "We are the orchestra that rocks out arenas, messes with other peoples music, and keeps orchestral tradition in the cellar. Don't be afraid... we are the orchestra you have been looking for"

Indeed. The films eerie dystopian atmosphere was recreated brilliantly. The core neo-noir visuals of continual rain on darkened cityscapes, eerie eye blinking, owls and unicorns brought to life on a rear huge screen, blending with an 18 track continuum of hypnotic xylophones, full strings section, saxaphones, synthesizers and complimentary vocals had the audience mesmerized.

The original Vangelis score released a decade after the film, included most of the music from the film, although some were not used in the film. At the same time, other music from the film did not appear on the soundtrack. Heritage Orchestra, comprehensively, put together the ultimate compilation.

Main Titles
Unveiled Twinkling Space
Wait for Me
Rachel's Song
Blush Response
Love Theme
Mechanical Dolls
One Alone
One More Kiss, dear
Blade Runner Blues
Damask Rose
Dr. Tyrell's Death
Memories of Green
Tales of the Future
Dr. Tyrell's Owl
Blade Runner (End Titles)
Tears in Rain