Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wild Imaginings

wrapped around her lustful thoughts
inhibitions lost, longing for touch
her soft lips whispering song
lush parting limbs and full breast heaving beneath her caress
slowly tracing her shape with yearning arms
a desire thrust upon her with wild imaginings
her warm moist place tingles sweet surrender
as she craves his tongue slashing between her lips
concupicent of hot rapid breath, lascivious sensations
his hunger urgently devouring her sweet cup
trails of her luscious scent fills the air
oh how long he can graze in her garden of lust
deliciously building the crescendo
back arching, thighs quivering
cries of pleasure escaping her lips
sliding her drenched pulsating mound
across his eager mouth again and again
her wave rising crashing dissipating
ultimately bringing his lips to hers

Listen to the audio of Wild Imaginings here