Monday, January 12, 2015

A Twisted Girl

a stranger whose life illuminated before her
full of erroneous desire
his haunting presence had touched her
was it wrong to have wanted more of him, his charismatic soul or soft kisses?
tingling flesh upon thoughts of being near him
reminiscent of their long nights of dalliance
and a piercing arousal of the senses
amongst all the angst, joy and coquetry
lay unexplored curiosity, passion and undeniable attraction
but my love, you were but fiction and I a twisted girl

Listen to the audio version of A Twisted Girl here

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wild Imaginings

wrapped around her lustful thoughts
inhibitions lost, longing for touch
her soft lips whispering song
lush parting limbs and full breast heaving beneath her caress
slowly tracing her shape with yearning arms
a desire thrust upon her with wild imaginings
her warm moist place tingles sweet surrender
as she craves his tongue slashing between her lips
concupicent of hot rapid breath, lascivious sensations
his hunger urgently devouring her sweet cup
trails of her luscious scent fills the air
oh how long he can graze in her garden of lust
deliciously building the crescendo
back arching, thighs quivering
cries of pleasure escaping her lips
sliding her drenched pulsating mound
across his eager mouth again and again
her wave rising crashing dissipating
ultimately bringing his lips to hers

Listen to the audio of Wild Imaginings here

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Jezabels

The Jezabels were absolutely amazing! I was fortunate to have had a small taste of The Jezabels live when they sang their smash hit "Endless Summer" at the 2012 ARIAS, leaving a lasting impression. Fresh from international touring and festival appearances, The Jezabels put on a positively knock out performance at Sydney Opera House.

From Heathers opening organ solo to romping thru a stellar setlist of past and present, which included crowd interaction when Hayley gave the front row a bit of a blast, climbing over the seats during Hurt Me to Heather revealing it was Hayleys birthday which prompted the crowd to erupt with a thunderous "Happy Birthday" and a moving dedication to the plight of asylum seekers with the song "No Country" which had stirred the audience hardly able to contain emotions upon hearing the lyrics. As the show was coming to an end and they announced last song, you could just feel the excitement building then they played Catch Me! I gotta say it was euphoric hearing it live. Absolutely loved every minute of it.


I was sat next to a cool couple who said they had bonded over Prisoner LP and we shared a few interesting gig and festival stories. Afterwards venturing outside, it was a beautiful balmy evening just perfect for a stroll along the water reflecting on such a truly amazing evening. Thank you SOH and The Jezabels for a memorable experience!


The Brink
Endless Summer
Long Highway
Time To Dance
Look of Love
Hurt Me
Beat to Beat
City Girl
Mace Spray
A Little Piece
No Country
The End
Dark Storm
Catch Me


Easy To Love

Friday, April 11, 2014


Believing there was no hope,
she conceded long ago
watching with sorrowful eyes
thinking the demons had won
echoes of her pain resonating
she trained for this
a faint smile for future dreams
taking the definitive step
a bold new voice beckoned..serenity!
poised and defiant
she braved adversity
and learnt the worth of challenge and embracement
and by going it alone did not mean being lonely
she was growing, learning, accepting, healing, blooming

Listen to the audio of Recovery here

Friday, February 28, 2014


Was thrilled to attend the Australian Premiere of Visitors as part of Sydney Festival 2014. Canyons, a few days previous, had put me in a rapturous mood, anticipating this event a great deal.

Visitors is a documentary film written and directed by experimental documentary filmmaker Godfrey Reggio in collaboration with Phillip Glass and Jon Kane. The film itself depicting mainly emotive human faces, derelict buildings & locations and eerie scenes had quite a sombre theme to it. Sydney Symphony Orchestra performed Glass' typical minimalist full orchestral score.