Thursday, December 31, 2009

what I got for crissy!

helooo darlings! was santa generous this year? this vid I unwrap a few crissy pressies

Monday, December 7, 2009

exit ghost

this song is exactly my feelings today

Black dogs barking at the door downstairs,
Steamy *bowl of* water permeates the air,
Fridge magnets, mispronouncing foreign words,
Memories that hurt.

Ripped up pillows symbolize who owns the room,
Walls unfinished, lost the artists touch,
Every little thing we did just came too soon,
I'm missing you so much.

Play with me and you'll get burned for sure,
So many *days* of feeling insecure.

Exit Ghost, dim the lights down low,
Will we find what's deep inside? I don't know,
Exit Ghost, I can see your soul,
Isolated, Contemplated,
Will we still remain? I don't know.

Red *crested cranes*, engraved on your chest,
I tried to fit into your heart, uninvited guest,
*I let* true love run right through my finger tips,
Conversations *into mud*.

Fall asleep next to the *lit up* screams,
A thousand miles away, one pillow shared,
Hell fire never, ever felt so sweet,
Now all I am is scared.

Play with fire *we'll get burned for sure*,
*all these embers, feeling insecure*.

Exit Ghost, dim the lights down low,
Will we find what's deep inside? I don't know,
Exit Ghost, I can see your soul,
Forgive me that we've failed,
Will we still remain? I don't know.

Exit Ghost, dim the lights down low,
Will we find what's deep inside? I don't know,
Exit Ghost, I can see your soul,
Isolated, Contemplated,
Will we still remain? I don't know.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

tonight you will be my sacrifice

pressing briefly across your heat
cuffs biting
exposing you for my whims
jolting you from your softness
soaking in your whimpers and moans
lulling your mind
into comfortable submission
again and again
bringing the flogger down
slicing across your back
yanking your head back
biting my way down your neck
marking you as mine
dragging my nails
into hot flesh
watching you tremble
until I get the tears I want
cradling your chin in my hands
looking into glassy eyes
stroking your cheek
"yes only mine lil slutboy"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

merry xmas to all my twitter & blip buddies

wishing all my twitter & blip buddies a very merry xmas and a very happy new year.. from your sexy santa helper gal mizzy *mwah*

Sunday, November 22, 2009

sunday natter with the girls

greetings from a very hot Sunday in Sydney.. the heatwave continues with temps topping 42C for the second time in 2 days.. it was ice blocks overdose today & a struggle to keep kool.. anyways.. I switched on the recorder and captured a candid moment with the girls.. enjoy

Friday, November 20, 2009


My eyes narrow as my heartbeat increases
thinking about the urgency provoked by each strike
a slow smile licking over my lips
visions of my sweet lil boycunt
that yields only under My command
His desire to please is so strong
it seems to be pulsating through his veins
as he learns quite quickly
that he soon will not be in control
of his own being
he hears my heels clicking
on the wooden floor around him
as I circle him,
inspecting him
the leather thong of the riding crop
tracing over his skin
the simple compromise
he has never given anyone
how incredibly awkward
absorbing so much
the purity of my sex
the grace in my motion
reaching to the depths
of his mind and body
touching nerves
searing through the strongest of hearts
small whimpers that crescendo
into pleas to be taken further and further
blood red lips smirking
pulling his thoughts to me
of devilish eyes cutting thru him
touching the sheer glory of raw sexuality
delicious anticipation
and deprivation
the black leather glistening
a sculpted form of pure domination
for he is all mine

Saturday, November 14, 2009


my dear friend,
how precious you are,
for youve opened my eyes,
that were once clouded with doubt
you understood me and praised me
even when I think I didnt deserve it
you are open and giving
sincere and so beautiful
warming my heart
with your kindness
see me here,
for you have opened me to truths
and for that
I thankU
from the bottom of my heart

what friendship means to me

greetings to all... I hope ur weekend is off to a good start..

today I wanna talk about friendship, what it means to me and the qualities I look for. Friendship to me is a difficult thing for me to understand sometimes.. I feel its something I need to "feel" rather than just the everyday xxchanges. What constitutes a real friend? Is there such a thing? How is the love of friends different to those of say, lovers?

Perhaps understanding friendship is just another one of lifes journeys.. all about discovery & truths. Its a whole other person to get to know and be comfy with. When meeting a potential friend, what traits do we look for? Do we go deep searching or stay superficial?

some of the things I look for in a friend are:

** sincerity.. by this I mean is genuine, real, human. I feel U more when U are genuine. U may have faults, fears, desires, we all do, but being true to yourself gets things off to a good start.

** honesty.. this is a very important trait I look for. Its honesty to yourself really, coz at the end of the day, its only yourself U are fooling if U are not. Friendship has no room for distruths.

** sharing.. I want to get to know you, warts and all. Friendship to me means going deep, breaking down barriers, sharing the good times and equally not so good times, we bond in that case.

** trusting.. this is a big one. Trust is sometimes a scary word.. esp if one has been burnt. However, I want to be able to trust you to tell U secrets, confide in you, be able to give and take constructive advise, and trust that you will be there.

** feedback.. trust & feedback go hand in hand. If I see things are not going right for you, and I can clearly see the reasons why, I will speak up. I want to be able to feel I can tell you when youve been quiet, whats the matter, distant. etc.. a true friend cares and will do so.

** praise.. I like to constantly remind you just how special you are, how beautiful you are, how happy you make me, and that I think of you. Its these lil things that mean alot. and keeps the friendship fresh and alive.

** time.. OK so your busy.. everybody is.. but theres NO excuse you cant spare time in your day to be with your friends. How is the friendship going to survive if you dont invest your time in making it flourish? Time to be there and show you care. Not because thats what is expected, rather, because you genuinely want to be.

** understanding.. another tough one but very important. We all are uniquely different, so we need to learn to accept and understand friends do, think and handle things in different ways. Would frienship survive if we didnt? I dont think it would go very far.

** acceptance.. is paramount. How can we be friends if I dont accept you as you are? also friends dont expect anything from you. They dont want to change you or put you down. They want to see you happy and smiling and at your best. So by allowing them to be themselves and accepting them, only then will you see the meaning of true friendship.

** respect.. in all areas. As a person, what they like or dislike, privacy, opinions, beliefs, etc. You have yours just as much as they have theirs, so a healthy respect goes a long way and shows U have tolerance which is essential

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

passions ablaze

Covering me in wet soft succulent kisses
Your breath hard and urgent
I stare into ur eyes
Passion ablaze
Hands darting
Stirring the warm folds
Your hardness pressing against me
Like a pillar of steel
You take my breasts into your mouth
Using your tongue on my erect nipples
Sending me into xtc
Trailing down my stomach
Licking nipping
Your way to my lil love button
Splicing me open exposing the
Rigid node
Your fellation excruciatingly delicious
Wider and wider my thighs spread open
Writhing, gyrating
An internal inferno burning
As you enter me
my walls closing around you
Thrusting pounding
Alternate tonguing
The smell of your sex everywhere
Afterglow delights

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

giant & mizzy do the boogie woogie

LOL this vid is for my buddie giant who is on the mend after a foot op! I hope this puts a smile on his face and can cheer him up on his feeling bored days! *giggles*

afro sister

this is my fun creation of afro sister Amanda.. check her out isnt she just too groooovy.. woooooo get down momma xxxxxx

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Monday, November 2, 2009

would it matter?

if we parted my love,
would I tell you of the hurt
if I saw you again
under a different guise?
would I tell you how much I wanted you
but could never have you?
of the things I wanted to tell you
but could never find the words?
the feelings I felt inside
but kept denying myself?
and the lil cheesy things
I felt compelled to do
but shirked for fear of looking like a fool?
of how you made me feel
lighting fires inside of me?
would it be easier?
would it matter?
would it change things?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

thoughts on a sunday

thinking of you
under thundery skies
awashed in dull greys
breathing slowed
connecting withering espiels
suddenly entirety
pales into insignificance
only my obscurantic resolute mind
ever so wonderfully
spurring me
and desensitising
ahhh relief

Friday, October 23, 2009

the shrouded truth

The sins driven by hunger,
afraid of fade,
oh how the steamy lust,
leers upon thee lonely soul,
passion for the stars,
with no fear or regret,
doth hope sparkle?
when tears are in thy eyes?
escape for a crazy heart,
for there thee finds bliss,
let reason enlighten you,
my love,
and bring forth the shrouded truth

Monday, October 5, 2009

lost in the sensation

the bittersweetness that exudes me
as sure as his being that touches every part me
absorbing every word
as I have so many times before
I offer you this, my darling,
as a weak recount of my overwheming feelings
a calculated path
each step examining the last
and oh how it aches
I turn the page over
and wait
your entrance
your smile
the sensitivity is so real,
so incredibly apparent
that I find myself lost
drinking each feeling
thats drummed into my soul
the line has been drawn
and I no longer have control
so lost in the sensation
two opposites
but somehow
wholly connected
and so its understood now
the way it will be
and we havent even begun

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

tuesday evening walkies

greetings to all my rant buds!! Mizzy here with Tuesday evening walkies havin a whinge about being slowed down by my ISP and hatin it! I must be a persistant lil shit coz I still dont let that stop me.. regardless how frikken slow it is.. im still seen pluggin away LOL well the good news is it wont be long now and im back to full BB speeds once again.. how is your week going? spent the arvo with niecee yesterday, took her to her dancing lessons & watched enchanted on the big screen together.. coziness.. day out with mom as well was nice.. so far the week is going well xx hope yours is too! cant wait to be back tomorrow evening!

miz helenas rants

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Huge dust storm hits Sydney!

howdy to all ma kool peeps!

well I just have to stop and rant about the huge choking dust storm that hit Sydney & pretty much all of the whole east coast of AU yesterday morn! (Wednesday 23/09/09) Damn! what a sight it was to see! both in all its majestic beauty & its ugly lung-polluting, landscape marring state!

I awoke quite early sometime around 6am-ish and was surprized to see the room was still darkened! I took a look outside my window to find the sky a deep burnt orangy colour almost like the hue of a beautiful burnt orange sunset turned up quite a few notches and a thick dust-like haze.. also the windys were fierce.. reportedly gale-force causing the dust to blow around like crazy!

I stood in awe amazed at such beauty that ive never till this day EVER witnessed in my life! *OHHH snappies snappies quick* I said to myself. this definately needs to be captured.. so I managed to snap 3 from cam and 2 quick ones via fone cam..

It was only a few hours later did I realised what was happening! At first thinking like alot of other Sydneysiders did that this was armageddon.. the end of the world as we know it.. till I seen the story unfold on ABC and thought WOW!

Then thruout the day on twitter I seen other links to pics that were both mindblowing and shocking!

I tried going out in the morning for my usual walkies but had to stop & turn back it was that thick & choking! We spent a good part of the day cleaning up the mess it left, like mopping floors, windowsills & watering the plants. It did manage to cause major disruptions to services like traffic, planes & ferries with the majority being either diverted or cancelled!

I include below my personal pics I took (inc the 2 unpublished from my fone), a great you tube vid I found and a few links (with credits) to the full story with more pics! I was told last night that these storms originated from dry barren land not farmed because of the drought, and that we may expect more! OMG, I hope not! Once was definately enough!

Anyways, ENJOY these!



firstly, this is the ABC story I came across yesterday morning before I left the house to go on a walk

My twitter friend @technogiant was kind enough to send me the link to this amazing NASA image from the Terra spacecraft! Thx giant xx

another link from twitter contact @philhawley depicts the eerie scenes in amazing pics! thx Phil!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday morning walking rant

helooo peeps! Its been a glorious few days.. sunny and very warm.. inc today which reached 30c.. this is me going for a walk to the shops and just ranting on.. such a great day to be out.. ENJOY!

miz helenas rants

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

off to get tea

Helooo peeps.. its a beautiful Wednesday arvo as im off to get tea.. the day was wonderful.. the best part was the deep Thai massage mmm just lushhhh listen in as rant as i walk..

miz helenas rants

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

from the edge of the deep green sea

Every time we do this
I fall for her
Wave after wave after wave
It's all for her
I know this can't be wrong i say
(and i'll lie to keep her happy)
As long as i know that you know
That today i belong
Right here with you
Right here with you...

And so we watch the sun come up
From the edge of the deep green sea
And she listens like her head's on fire
Like she wants to believe in me
So i try
Put your hands in the sky
We'll be here forever
And we'll never say goodbye...

I've never been so
Colourfully-see-through-head before
I've never been so
And all i want is to keep it like this
You and me alone
A secret kiss
And don't go home
Don't go away
Don't let this end
Please stay
Not just for today

Never never never never never let me go she says
Hold me like this for a hundred thousand million days
But suddenly she slows
And looks down at my breaking face
Why do you cry? what did i say?
But it's just rain i smile
Brushing my tears away...

I wish i could just stop
I know another moment will break my heart
Too many tears
Too many times
Too many years i've cried over you

How much more can we use it up?
Drink it dry?
Take this drug?
Looking for something forever gone
But something
We will always want?

Why why why are you letting me go? she says
I feel you pulling back
I feel you changing shape...
And just as i'm breaking free
She hangs herself in front of me
Slips her dress like a flag to the floor
And hands in the sky
Surrenders it all...

I wish i could just stop
I know another moment will break my heart
Too many tears
Too many times
Too many years i've cried for you
It's always the same
Wake up in the rain
Head in pain
Hung in shame
A different name
Same old game
Love in vain
And miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
Away from home again...

The Cure

Friday, September 11, 2009

out & about on Friday arvo

hellooo and greetings to friends and visitors.. this is my Friday arvo walk/shopping rant I made earlier.. here I talk about cheeky vids, sex toys, streaming, and my day.. ENJOY!

miz helenas rants

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

camming fun and blipping rant

greetings peeps this rant is comin atcha from my bed after a long walk and a day of domestics.. here I rant about camming fun and you also get to hear my kool blip playlist

Friday, September 4, 2009

domesticated males do exist

Hi everyone.. this is the embeded stream of @tikitender who was busy washing dishes in the kitchen whilst streaming.. WOW I thought.. an actual domesticated male.. a very rare breed indeed.. heres proof anyways that they really do exist LOL

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

chillin in my bed

evening to everyone.. Mizzy here on a lovely Wednesday evening just chilling on my bed ranting about nonesense LOL tonight I talk about my day & my embarrasing skypee bed cam last night LOL

miz helenas rants

Monday, August 31, 2009

candid lazy Sunday arvo chat

LOL this is us gathered round on a lazy Sunday arvo after the barbie just candidly talking.. noone knew I had the recorder on LOL cheeky me..

miz helenas rants

wild things by @coyotetoo

Wild Things by @coyotetoo

Thursday, August 27, 2009

domestics & snow holiday rant

hello everyone, Mizzy here with a kool Thursday arvo rant. I attempted to get started with the kitchen clean up and laundering then got talking with mom and sister about her short snow holiday escape. Poor thing fell during skiing twisting and ripping her knee ligaments and nerves, luckily nothing broken but she does require surgery. Towards the end we got carried away looking at the fotos and didnt keep an eye on recording time. When the hour was up it switched off auto so I do apologise getting cut off abruptly.

miz helenas rants

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday arvo walk

greetings all.. Mizzy here with todays Tuesday arvo rant.. this is me walking to pick up some late lunch rambling on as usual.. quite windy so you have to excuse the wind at times.. I walked the whole distance there and back so had plenty to rave about

miz helenas rants

Monday, August 24, 2009

housesitting and cooking rant

hi everyone.. its Mizzy here again housesitting moms place today and cooking some lunch.. thought it could make for a bit of a change.. anyways.. I talk about a whole heap of things including falling asleep on my buddy @technogiant whilst in his stream LOL

miz helenas rants

miz helenas rants

miz helenas rants

my rude cheeky greek ringtone LOL

this is my rude cheeky Greek ringtone I have on my fone.. LOL

Thursday, August 20, 2009

sex toy browsing

hello to all the sexy people.. Its Miz Helena here once again with a walking to the shops rant. When I got there, I managed to take in a visit to the sex toy shop, take a few pics after begging the store clerk, (vid I preferred but was not allowed) and purchase the biggest, meanest looking butt plug there. Called BIG RED BOY, it really brought tears to my eyes, perfect for what I have in mind. I also picked up a brand new DVD recorder with HD.. all in all had a great afternoon.

miz helenas rants

miz helenas rants

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I smell sex and candy

evening to all on this glorious Tuesday.. welcome to another rant.. today im on the way to meet my boy for a late spot of Thai spicy lunch & pick up some supplies.. I had a nice sexy surprize planned one that he lapped up.. hear me talking what I had in store for the lil deviate... what fun we had xx

Also peeps, I will be password protecting my ustream this Saturday evening (moved to Saturday night coz of clash with F1), so please get in touch via twitter/facebook for the password well before Saturday 22/08/09.

miz helenas rants

Monday, August 17, 2009

join me in my LIVE ustream show

Hi guys Miz Helena here with a special announcement and a quick word of thanks. My Ustream show will be featuring from now on on a weekly basis every Sunday evening AEST at a time to be announced. Tune in to see and hear me talk with my followers/friends via a chat stream about life, dating, sex toys, fun, music, just ranting and anything else that comes to mind.

LOL Monday once again.. this rant I talk about my first ustream experience which went live last nite.. (Sunday 16/08/09) and lasted a total of 7 hours I was told! I was a lil shy being my first both stream and on cam.. but for the most part it went well and was very enjoyable.. there were a few retards that mainly wanted to talk about the size of their cock and being persistant fleebs tellin me to show ass/tits which were promptly kicked.. anyways.. plz do tune into my weekly stream LIVE via this link: Miz helenas Sunday Evening where we get into talking about life, dating, fun, music, sex toys, etc

Live video chat by Ustream

Saturday, August 15, 2009

ustream slideshow

gidday peeps.. just fiddling around with ustream this arvo and created a slideshow in prep for Sundays first LIVE broadcast.. I will be announcing this thru twitter so make sure you come check me out.. Its my 1st time chatting live on cam so im looking forward to it and curious.. this is the slideshow I created below.. I hope u enjoy!!

Live video chat by Ustream

Monday, August 10, 2009

off for the day

evening peepies.. the new rant is of me taking off to meet sis for lunch, birthday shopping and visiting the homeless drug addicted street kids.. wonderful day

cheers lunch

Thursday, August 6, 2009

my boy and other rants

howdy peeps.. its Thursday already and here I am out and about tonight on the regular rant walk.. hear me talk about my boy and other stuff in true Mizzy style.. cheeky & fun!! ENJOY!!

read my erotic femdom encounters

more erotic femdom encounters

the ultimate pantee whore indulgance

mizhelenas rants

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

rants returns

good evening peeps.. its Miz Helena back for more! LOL tonight took off for a walk and remembered to bring along the recorder.. listen in to me striding along and rambling.. I know a few of you listen in just for the chance to hear my aussie accent.. so here it is again in full glory lol .. ENJOY!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

twitter hotties disabled for being illegal??

The following is an email I recieved today from the ning network in regards to twitter hotties suspension:

I do apologise for the inconvience.. altho I do intend on trying my best to bring twitter hotties back.. so stay tuned memebers.

[The Ning Team - 07/20/2009 09:47 PM]
Hi Miz Helena,

First of all, we very much appreciate your use of the Ning Platform to create your social network. Unfortunately though, we had to disable your social network on Ning for being adult. As individuals and as a service, we stand for the freedom to create your own social networks for anything, as long as it's legal. Ning, as a broad-based service, is designed to respect many different perspectives and enable them to co-exist seamlessly and effortlessly. That being said, Ning can unfortunately not support social networks of an adult nature, subject or theme.

As it relates to the Ning Platform, adult content includes, but isn't limited to pornography and depictions of sexual acts. To clarify the point, social networks that contain or are focused on the following would clearly fall into the adult category:

* Pornography or images of sexual acts
* Nudity intended to sexually arouse the viewer
* Graphic photos or videos
* Fetishes

Due to this, we were left with no other option but to disable your social network,

The Ning Team


My original email:

[Reporter - 07/18/2009 09:46 AM]
twitter hotties has been down for maintenance for a while. Was just wondering when it will come back? I have quite a few members asking me the same thing. Please let me know what is wrong. You can email me at:

PS if this is in anyway in regards to adult pics or rss feeds, I can remove them if you like. Please let me know. I have enjoyed my social network twitter hotties and have a few members that also enjoy it and participate regular. and would love to continue. Thanks so much.

Warm regards,
Miz Helena

Thursday, July 2, 2009

the weird & the wonderful: 25 random facts about me

greetings to friends and visitors alike.. I have never bothered to fill in one of these, ever, but have recently seen quite a few around (and of course ive been tagged) so here goes with my very own 25 random facts about me. All true!

The weird and the wonderful: 25 random facts about me:

1) I come from a family of 6. All uniquely different.

2) I am a fierce supporter of the underdog, and have seen first hand of how much tolerance and forebearance they possess.

3) I have cheated death... 3 times.

4) I have never had a car accident on the road .. whether my fault or not. Nudging cars whilst trying to squeeze into a parking spot is another matter entirely. LOL

5) I am clausterphobic. I panic and hyperventilate when forced in small spaces.

6) This may surprize you.. but I am a shyster when I first meet you.

7) I have the freakish ability to "read between the lines" and have strong gut instincts and am amazed how many times I have been correct.

8) Hardheadedness and stubbornness are two of the things I have inherited from my dad. Which I think I have an xxtreme case.

9) I have been addicted to heavy drugs in the past, and now use this experience to help others. I volunteer my time twice a week referring people to drug rehab and provide a listening ear. My way of giving back.

10) I regulary go visit the street kids. I feel so humbled in their presence particular after a shitty day.

11) I like role play reversal. Not neccessarily sexual. There has been many a times ive helped people understand merely by making them see things in a different light.

12) I got married at 15, divorced at 20 and have 2 kids aged 28 and 25.

13) Ive only completed 1-1/2 years of secondary school. I was changing diapers when my friends were doing homework.

14) I was caught at age 12 stealing 12 LP's. My punishment was a slap on the wrist from the law, and a smack in the mouth from my dad.

15) I am calm under pressure. In fact, ive been told I am TOO calm.

16) Im a licensed P.I

17) Ive never been a coffee drinker. The only amount ive had is a sip of expresso that made the room spin. I prefer to blast music in the mornings to get me going.

18) I have witnessed death first hand. The sights and sounds aint pretty.

19) I dont forgive if you betray my confidence, consider you wiped. For whatever reason it was betrayed.

20) I have worked in the sex industry, on both sides of the fence.

21) If I like you, you have a friend for life.

22) Family time is very important to me. Without fail, and regardless of the weather, we always come together every Sunday for our BBQ family gettogethers and spend hours lingering and catching up.

23) Im not into fashion, bling, gossip, celeb culture, keeping up with the trends. I march to my own drum.

24) I find it hard to trust people. I am a very private person. People do not know much about me, and this is the way I like it.

25) I smoke like a trouper. The fags are THE hardest habit to quit I reckon by miles.

So there you have it guys.. 25 random facts about me.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

life in the X

I realistic view of life in the X.. taking you along.. it aint a pretty sight at times.. listen in with headphones.. click player below to start ;) ENJOY!!

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The X

Saturday, May 2, 2009

shopping and puppies rant

Hi guys!! Well the weekend is here and its time to unwind, the week sure has been hectic but fun!! This afternoon, my mom, niece and myself took off to the shops once again for some supplies.. we walked there so I decided to switch the recorder on and take you along.. Click the player below to listen in to us ENJOY!!

The audio below is my lil niece talking bout her new puppy:

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Saturday at the shops rant

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday arvo walk to shops rant

Hi guys! Today I decided to take you along with me to the shops. Its around 3pm in the afternoon, sun was glorious and got a bit of shopping done. I hope this brill weather continues. I hop on a bus as well and walk the rest of the way. Feeling much better getting out walking, my colds improving too woo Click the player below to listen into my Friday arvo shopping rant ENJOY!

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Friday arvo shopping rant

Thursday, April 30, 2009

thursday evening chilly willy walk rant

Hi guys! This is my Thursday evening walk.. not a real long one, just doing the rounds.. meeting mom halfway and continuing.. it was friggen freezing out.. I spotted a gawges rare Ford GT I just had to snap.. ranting and carrying on as usual.. click the player below to begin and ENJOY!!

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Thursday evening rant Ford GT

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday evening walk with my niece

HI GUYS! This audio is my niece and I walking after extended BBQ lunch today & sit talking after it. She is like me telling it like it is.. sometimes too alike !! It was really cold and windy during the walk, so I do apologise for the some parts that you can hear it howling. I had roughly an hours recording time & we got carried away talking, and towards the end just cuts off. Click player below to start audio & ENJOY!!

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Miz Helena & jeans

Saturday, April 25, 2009

just strolling on Saturday evening

Its Saturday evening, ANZAC DAY and tonight Ive got sis and bf over to watch the F1 qualifying. This is me just going for a quick stroll round the block just ranting whatever. There was a magnificent sunset which I captured before taking off, wow the sky was just majestic! Click the player below to start and ENJOY!

Anzac Day Saturday evening stroll

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

off to grab tea

Evening all.. this is my Thursday evening rant.. off to get tea while taking you with me.. had a cozy nite with my boy, then had my overnighter. Fish was yummy too. Click the player below to start. Enjoy!

Thursday evening walk

Monday, April 20, 2009

monday evening caught in the rain rant

Hi guys its the start of a new week and Ive just stepped out to get some tea.. my boy is on the way its underbelly and Monday night footy night and quite coolish so that means lots of cuddles and coziness. Here I get caught in the rain whilst walking with no umbrella and no cover. The things we do for love ey? Listen in and enjoy!!

caught in the rain rants

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

off to get easter supplies

Hi Guys !! This is my Saturday morning rant.. a lil incoherant from back to back overnighters LOL this is us driving and off to get Easter supplies. ENJOY!

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Off to get easter supplies

Wednesday, April 15, 2009