Monday, August 31, 2009

candid lazy Sunday arvo chat

LOL this is us gathered round on a lazy Sunday arvo after the barbie just candidly talking.. noone knew I had the recorder on LOL cheeky me..

miz helenas rants

wild things by @coyotetoo

Wild Things by @coyotetoo

Thursday, August 27, 2009

domestics & snow holiday rant

hello everyone, Mizzy here with a kool Thursday arvo rant. I attempted to get started with the kitchen clean up and laundering then got talking with mom and sister about her short snow holiday escape. Poor thing fell during skiing twisting and ripping her knee ligaments and nerves, luckily nothing broken but she does require surgery. Towards the end we got carried away looking at the fotos and didnt keep an eye on recording time. When the hour was up it switched off auto so I do apologise getting cut off abruptly.

miz helenas rants

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday arvo walk

greetings all.. Mizzy here with todays Tuesday arvo rant.. this is me walking to pick up some late lunch rambling on as usual.. quite windy so you have to excuse the wind at times.. I walked the whole distance there and back so had plenty to rave about

miz helenas rants

Monday, August 24, 2009

housesitting and cooking rant

hi everyone.. its Mizzy here again housesitting moms place today and cooking some lunch.. thought it could make for a bit of a change.. anyways.. I talk about a whole heap of things including falling asleep on my buddy @technogiant whilst in his stream LOL

miz helenas rants

miz helenas rants

miz helenas rants

my rude cheeky greek ringtone LOL

this is my rude cheeky Greek ringtone I have on my fone.. LOL

Thursday, August 20, 2009

sex toy browsing

hello to all the sexy people.. Its Miz Helena here once again with a walking to the shops rant. When I got there, I managed to take in a visit to the sex toy shop, take a few pics after begging the store clerk, (vid I preferred but was not allowed) and purchase the biggest, meanest looking butt plug there. Called BIG RED BOY, it really brought tears to my eyes, perfect for what I have in mind. I also picked up a brand new DVD recorder with HD.. all in all had a great afternoon.

miz helenas rants

miz helenas rants

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I smell sex and candy

evening to all on this glorious Tuesday.. welcome to another rant.. today im on the way to meet my boy for a late spot of Thai spicy lunch & pick up some supplies.. I had a nice sexy surprize planned one that he lapped up.. hear me talking what I had in store for the lil deviate... what fun we had xx

Also peeps, I will be password protecting my ustream this Saturday evening (moved to Saturday night coz of clash with F1), so please get in touch via twitter/facebook for the password well before Saturday 22/08/09.

miz helenas rants

Monday, August 17, 2009

join me in my LIVE ustream show

Hi guys Miz Helena here with a special announcement and a quick word of thanks. My Ustream show will be featuring from now on on a weekly basis every Sunday evening AEST at a time to be announced. Tune in to see and hear me talk with my followers/friends via a chat stream about life, dating, sex toys, fun, music, just ranting and anything else that comes to mind.

LOL Monday once again.. this rant I talk about my first ustream experience which went live last nite.. (Sunday 16/08/09) and lasted a total of 7 hours I was told! I was a lil shy being my first both stream and on cam.. but for the most part it went well and was very enjoyable.. there were a few retards that mainly wanted to talk about the size of their cock and being persistant fleebs tellin me to show ass/tits which were promptly kicked.. anyways.. plz do tune into my weekly stream LIVE via this link: Miz helenas Sunday Evening where we get into talking about life, dating, fun, music, sex toys, etc

Live video chat by Ustream

Saturday, August 15, 2009

ustream slideshow

gidday peeps.. just fiddling around with ustream this arvo and created a slideshow in prep for Sundays first LIVE broadcast.. I will be announcing this thru twitter so make sure you come check me out.. Its my 1st time chatting live on cam so im looking forward to it and curious.. this is the slideshow I created below.. I hope u enjoy!!

Live video chat by Ustream

Monday, August 10, 2009

off for the day

evening peepies.. the new rant is of me taking off to meet sis for lunch, birthday shopping and visiting the homeless drug addicted street kids.. wonderful day

cheers lunch

Thursday, August 6, 2009

my boy and other rants

howdy peeps.. its Thursday already and here I am out and about tonight on the regular rant walk.. hear me talk about my boy and other stuff in true Mizzy style.. cheeky & fun!! ENJOY!!

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the ultimate pantee whore indulgance

mizhelenas rants

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

rants returns

good evening peeps.. its Miz Helena back for more! LOL tonight took off for a walk and remembered to bring along the recorder.. listen in to me striding along and rambling.. I know a few of you listen in just for the chance to hear my aussie accent.. so here it is again in full glory lol .. ENJOY!!