Sunday, October 25, 2009

thoughts on a sunday

thinking of you
under thundery skies
awashed in dull greys
breathing slowed
connecting withering espiels
suddenly entirety
pales into insignificance
only my obscurantic resolute mind
ever so wonderfully
spurring me
and desensitising
ahhh relief

Friday, October 23, 2009

the shrouded truth

The sins driven by hunger,
afraid of fade,
oh how the steamy lust,
leers upon thee lonely soul,
passion for the stars,
with no fear or regret,
doth hope sparkle?
when tears are in thy eyes?
escape for a crazy heart,
for there thee finds bliss,
let reason enlighten you,
my love,
and bring forth the shrouded truth

Monday, October 5, 2009

lost in the sensation

the bittersweetness that exudes me
as sure as his being that touches every part me
absorbing every word
as I have so many times before
I offer you this, my darling,
as a weak recount of my overwheming feelings
a calculated path
each step examining the last
and oh how it aches
I turn the page over
and wait
your entrance
your smile
the sensitivity is so real,
so incredibly apparent
that I find myself lost
drinking each feeling
thats drummed into my soul
the line has been drawn
and I no longer have control
so lost in the sensation
two opposites
but somehow
wholly connected
and so its understood now
the way it will be
and we havent even begun