Sunday, January 31, 2010

thank U to my sweet friend Greengoblin

my dear friend @Greengoblin created this.. thank U so much.. I sooo love it!


consuming.. twisting.. spiralling
drawn into the dark inferno
vacant, intense, ravenous
where nothing matters
except the restless moments
ceaselessly craving empty rewards
making vain excuses
and not a soul to blame
for this unspeakable crime
heart opened by a innocent blade
betraying truth with a pounding
succumbing knowing no bounds
my compulsive unreasonable love

Thursday, January 7, 2010

who will listen

let me heal,
grant me serenity
spirit me away
from this hopeless spinning wheel
the girl in the mask
with the empty heart
who knows no weakness
and affords no surrender
shes something very clever
but the armour pays a price
soaking in madness
and darkened eyes
the shattered panes of fear
in a haze the unspoken words
a bitter silence
reaching for something
into the illusionary void
yet languishing still
the poignant beauty
looks away
thick with the promise of salvation
but who will listen?