Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making My Mark in the Sand at Summer Bay

another brill weekend with P in town has come to an end sooo fast booo! so I took myself off to lovely Summer Bay this arvo.. the birthplace of the popular Aussie soap Home and Away.. AKA Palm Beach.. it was a brill arvo out.. mild with a slight freshness in the air.. and it was nice to revisit after havin not been here for possibly 10 years

in the 2nd vid.. I make my mark in the sand with love to my closer friends @Goblingenre @trayr111 and @Amanda2409

summer bay

Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010 Australian F1 Grand Prix Review

welcome readers to my review of the xxciting 2010 Australian F1 Grand Prix review held in beautiful Albert Pk in Melbourne south of the city between 25th-28th March.

I decided to take the scenic route down on the Saturday evening arriving in Melbourne early on the Sunday morning. The train trip down was leisurely and relaxing, having the whole 4 seats to myself to stretch out and chill.

Arriving bright and early on the Sunday, my girl was there to meet me and we ended up going for brekky and catching up. Finally going back to her place and resting before getting ready for the big race that was on later that day. The F1 powers had decided on another twilight race this year.

Come 3pm we slowly made our way to the track, which wasnt far, as she lives across the road. So all day we could hear the on-track action of the novelty races and the mighty powerful V-8's very loud!

WE had GA=General Admission tickets which meant we could roam freely with in the park except for the grandstand seating, which we preferred. Moving on to different spots capturing video and piccies (capturing pics proved very difficult as the cars are gone before U snap) LOL altho we did mange to snap a few by sheer luck! Just before the race started, there was the customary fighter jet overpass which deafened us! These beasts fly faster than the speed of sound, so U see em fly by quietly followed in their wake by a god almighty ROOOAR! we forgot to grab our earplugs so U can just imagine!

there was so much to do and see, there was the F1 display tent where we found a replica mclaren and podium LOL dozens of merchandise stalls, eaterys, bars, amusement rides, historical car displays (which Princess sat in and I took a pic of) and so much more!

The weather looked omnious as if it was about to burst any minute! Luckily there wasnt too much of a downpour mainly just light rain which made it all the more xxciting! I have to add here, for anyone not having attended a Grand Prix that the noise was absolutely DEAFENING! earplugs are a must!

Following the race proved a lil difficult coz we moved round alot to get the best vantage points and we werent always in view of the giant big screens, and the commentating was drowned out by the roar of the cars! So to see the full race uninterupted I had to wait till I got home. Still, being there amongst the action is something thats hard to pass up.

Video I had discovered was the only way to capture the action, since taking snaps was hard to do, so for the remainder of the race, we both took vid.

Afterwards, everyone can walk on the track, and we were lucky to get on just as they were towing away the damaged cars of Sauber, Willams and Toro Rosso. along with retired cars Renault and Hispania first time ive seen a F1 car up close like that. I was in awe! This is where I found and came away with the ULTIMATE F1 souvenier! A piece of debris off Buemi's damaged Toro Rosso, the boy went absolutely bonkers over it!

Simple Minds were playing at 8pm so we went looking for the main stage having to walk almost the entire length of the circuit before making our way round to the starting point. My battery had well and truly drained by now and I was a lil disappointed I couldnt film em, nevertheless, we enjoyed em so much, and they put on a superb show with most of their hits sung.

We stumbled in the door at round 11pm totally exausted after a long day but smug with all we did and all we filmed! it definately was a great weekend to remember!

First thing I did when we got back was ring the train office to rebook my trip for the following day, as I was too pooped to have to face getting up early to board. That meant I could spend an extra day with my girl and go sightseeing.

On Monday after brekky, I took the tram to town and explored the city. I have been to Melbourne numerous times but I have never had the chance to explore as much as I did that day. I had so much fun, and got lost in the process, which made it all the more xxciting! Melbournians are laid back friendly people, so unlike Sydneysiders which always seem to be rushing, and I had a ball talking with absolute total strangers. Even the tram driver made me feel at home after I got lost by handing me a magazine to read on our way back into town! The goddam tram driver!

saying goodbyes was the hardest part! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my trip and I will definately not leave it so long between visits this time. The long trip back was draining!

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2010 AU F1 GP pictures and Melbourne

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