Thursday, August 12, 2010

the mystery of the ghost dog

Saturday, August 7, 2010

@oleuanna she is sooo beautiful.. :-)) #FF

I have had a silent admiration for a certain someone here since she first came to my attention in a friends twitter stream in late 2008.. she stood out amongst his 3000+ followers as someone I felt a connection to... was in awe of... was able to feel her passionate nature.. and could make me laugh hysterically

I admired her tireless efforts campaigning for a better.. fairer world and someone that wasnt afraid to speak her mind ... she struck me as genuine.. with a big heart.. I would giggle at the way she would use the term cuntage often.. (LOL) ... she had a special way about her.. an amazing rapport with her followers.. and I felt she and I just somehow clicked...


she didnt know I existed... and I felt in a way a tinge of guilt the way I was 'stalking her'.. primarily becoz I was at the time not sure how I would make my presence felt with her.. how I should approach her... would she befriend me? would she take an interest in me and my world?.. I had so many silly doubts running round my head.. so like this I continued... admiring her from afar .. in secret.. in my own private world.. my friend by this time (April 2009) had deleted his whole following list ..... so I was lucky to have bookmarked her before the chop..... I looked forward to visiting her every chance I got.. usually of an evening when i'd be in bed.. chilling... reflecting.. her tweets would cheer me.. educate me.. I learnt a new style of interaction... and I slowly got a deeper feeling of the person behind the name

fast forward to this time last year... I befriended another person whom had her on his list as I discovered.. it was no surprize really.. as I seen over time users flock to her.. her list of followers steadily rising.. she was just like that.. magnetic.... captivating.. U couldnt help not being attracted to her.. I dont know what it was.. all I knew is that she had it.. that passionate spunk.. charisma.. intelligence... she just knew how to work it and make U feel good

I was told to follow as he thought we would connect with each other and get on.. but I was still apprehensive... not for any reason other than I felt I didnt know what I would say.. how to approach.. U know that feeling of being in awe right?? .. how would she feel if she found out about my longtime secret admiration?.. it seemed my days would be spent admiring her as I have done up to now.. from afar

until I took a deep breath and gathered up the courage to send a friend request to her...

I wanted to finally be able to speak to her... to delve into her world.. altho I knew that when I did.. it wouldnt of felt that we were new contacts.. to me it would have felt like we've been old friends for years.. the kind that live in each others space.. I just knew we would slot in together well and not feel any awkwardness of meeting for the first time

and guess what ?? I was right!!... we clicked right off the bat..and I was left wondering why the hell didnt I join her sooner.. way back when I first took notice of her.. just goes to show.. how silly I was to think I didnt have a chance with her.. her tweets continue to inspire.. make me laugh & educate me.. shes one hell of an amazing woman!

I guess the morale of the story is... dont deny yourself the opportunity to meet others U desire to meet.. dont ever think your not good enough or dont fit in.. if U deeply feel a connection with someone.. chances are that person feels it too.... and she is definately someone I feel before I even see.. U just know with some people...

this lil tale concludes as a special #FollowFriday mention.. and just in case your all wondering who this special person is... why its no other than the girl who always puts a smile on my face without fail.. for almost 2 years now... and thats the very beautiful @oleuanna .. some of U reading this prolly already know her & feel what im saying.. for those that dont.. im sure U will when U get to say hi :-))))

<3 Miz Helena

PS below is a lil #FF song dedication Portishead - Undenied