Wednesday, February 23, 2011

delicious surrender

she watches him squirm a moment
as he spies the pole
with thick heavy chain linking
out in the bright sun
with no affordability of any shade
quickly securing his wrists & ankles
to the biting harsh steel

from his confines,
he watches her walk to a small table
and fill a glass of water
his mind racing,
his tongue dancing,
she brings the glass of water
up to his parched lips
and allows him a few desperate sips.
'you will earn more as we go along'
she hisses in his ear
blindfolding him

seconds later he hears the crack of the whip,
not making contact,
but allowing the sound to sink into
the depths of his being,
as she moves behind him
unable to distinguish her
exact presense
but knowing she is there
ready to strike her fury
at any moment
he tenses every muscle in anticipation

watching him intently
she waits for his heaving body to relax
before landing the first
cruel blow across his back
wincing in both pain
and delicious surrender
cutting into him several more times
before walking in front of him
taking his lowered chin into her hand,
caresseing his sweating brow,
'do you want to feel my love boy?'
"yes mistress" he whimpers

instantly she brings the whip down furiously,
a savage cat-o-nine tails whipping,
slicing into him again and again,
yanking him against the chains,
moaning with her rythym.

again she goes to fetch some water
softly laughing to herself,
as she stands in front of him taking long sips
coming close and allowing the water to trickle
into his desperate awaiting mouth
his heart beating hard
as he hears the clinking as she toys with the chains
yanking his head back hard
sniggering 'you dont think im done with you yet do you boy?'
he responds by mumbling
immediately feeling the sting of her wrath
on his left shoulder
before he can work out where she is
she is already to his right striking her next blow
'you want more my sweet boy?'
hesitating, pacing his words,
he lowers his head and softly says 'yes ma'am'
'perfect' she says

the next strike is even harsher,
after a dozen repeated blows, she is again infront of him
giving him a slight kiss.
leaning in closer to her,
she backs off waving her finger saying
'now now pet.. you have to earn that'
she circles him,
inspecting him
hissing into his ear
'this is going to hurt me alot more than it will hurt you'
trembling, he braces himself
and instead feels her cooling hands all over his back
rubbing in a soothing lotion
he relaxes into her

running her fingers thru his hair
she peels off his blindfold
'feel better my sweet pet?'
he nods quickly,
as she loosens the chains
sinking to the ground kissing her feet

Thursday, February 3, 2011

January in Melbourne

melbourne in January the one thing I can say looking back during the current Sydney heatwave is that temps were bareable there.. and come 7pm [U could actually set your watch to it] we always had a cool change come in from the bay.. so it was a joy to be able to walk down to the beach and watch the sunset.. stroll & get falafels & ice cremes.. lol thats the part I miss the most

cricket was big on the agenda.. I had never been to watch cricket live so didnt really know what to expect.. but OMG! just to be there watching it larger than life is absolutely amazing.. the atmosphere.. the pride & support.. the lively characters.. the music.. just EVERYTHING! I attended the 4th test day 3... the friday evening fast paced 20/20 and the the Sunday eve ODI.. during remaining matches I took up residence in the pub alongside the [barmy army] pommies that were here [and there were many!] meeting my friend jamie with whom I shared lots of laughs.. and sunset strolls . we were to do the Great Ocean Road together but torrential rain forced the road to close due to landslides.. where it raining continuously for a whole week!

looking after kitty Basil was such a joy! I havent been this close to an animal since our doberman passed away in 2000... & it was soo good to be able to cuddle.. pat & look after him.. he would sleep with me at nights.. then miaw at me in the mornings to be fed and let out.. he would stay out nearly all day then come in late arvo... and rub up against me. He gave me a sense of routine & stability which I havent had in a long time...

my girl arrived back a day before my birthday & had non stop work & a dose of the flu to cope with.. I spent her work time out.. beaching it or tramming it [which meant gettin lost lol] and she took me out dining that night overlooking the beach which was absolutely stunning! the dining was different.. kinda a buffet style waiter service serving vegetarian.. pure yummo!

Rainbow Serpent festival was on and they had tickets for the 4 day psychedelic escapade.. that meant my stay was to be extended so I spent the last few days listening to music snuggling with puss & writing...

I arrived back to Sydney on Australia Day morning and very hot humid conditions... oh yes I thought.. welcome home indeed

more pics can be found at mizzhelenas twitpics

XTP the journey down

sloping gently rolling hills
chill dreams laughter murmurs
panoramic vistas
people lost in thought
babies gurgling
and beside me a total stranger
anticipates a lovers tryst
nervously fidgeting
we are thrown together
on this wonderous journey down