Friday, July 29, 2011

Foster the People

FTP were senfkinsational!! wow they literally blew me brains away.. everyone had the maddest time... singin n dancing.. and I went on my own and still was a blast... it was a sell-out show with guess who purchasing the final ticket??.. yeah!! MEE!!

below are a few vids I shot.. I just couldnt stop they were that good!

I was right up front & straight in front of the huge boom speakers hence the slight distorted sound .. but oh nothing ever beats being there

warrant.. they sang this first!

the best was last.. Helena Beat

brill cover Heart of Gold

Pumped Up Kicks

Local band Guineafowl opened and they were really great..

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Glasvegas were amazing... their first visit to Australian shores as side-show to the Splendour in the Grass festival James Allan was a hoot joking around and sooo bloody hard to understand with his thick Scottish accent.. still we had the best time.. and im so glad I got to see em with P as she had come up for that weekend since her studies were over.. S-U-P-E-R W-E-E-K-E-N-D

below are vids of The Dark Shadows who opened for Glasvegas.. Glasvegas singing "You" and a candid moment capruring James Allan mucking around

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Jeans

This week its lil Jeans's birthday.. she turns 9!!! we have arranged a skating partay since she loves it sooo much!.. in this video below is Jeans & I a few yrs ago.. and wow looking at this compared to the second video.. she has grown soo much!

off to the shops to get her something tomoroz.. hmm why does it get harder shopping each year they grow?


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sydney Slutwalk

The message was loud and clear.. womens dress is NOT an invitation for sexual assault.. the Sydney "slutwalk" as all international slutwalks was sparked by a Toronto police chief publicly saying women should avoid dressing like sluts to avoid rape

this is a short vid I made from the Town hall steps as the Sydney Slutwalk slowly made its way from Town Hall.. chanting.. whereever we go..yes means yes and no means no.. destination: Police HQ Surry Hills

Skating with Jeans

Had a wonderful time recently brushing up on my skating skills.. and what a better companion to do it with than my lil niece Jeans.. we got cozy with thick woolly socks & gloves & took off via the river for the local Ice Rink which we found out was having a 40th birthday partay! YAY!

On the way there.. we came across a turtle [or was it a turtoise?] along the edge of the river which looked like it had been washed down the storm water drain.. it was soo cute and it was the first time we both seen one out of a wildlife environment.. we soo wanted to jump the fence & grab him & take him home!

Once there we grabbed our skates & put em on.. the best part of not skating is of course when U walk around the rink on ya skates on the floor.. it has kinda like a rubberized mat feel to it & its soo easy to do.. we sat in the cafeteria with our skates on & ordered a hot chocolate to warm up before hitting the ice to the strains of some kool dance and indie tunes!

and OMG how rusty was I?.. we held hands & went round holding on before I could get enough confidence to let go.. LOL!

STILL... we had a bunch of fun & it was great to spend quality time with Jeans skating to music working out & havin a ball... we will be back

below is a couple of vids I shot of Jeans skating.. isnt she just a natural?..

this is the turtle we came across