Sunday, September 18, 2011

Manly Arts Festival

The lantern display on the beach was amazing. It was the first time I have attended, but found it was hard not going. Manly beach always holds special appeal for me, and to learn of a artsy festival eve by the beach was irresistable!

Taking the ferry across, the night was perfect. Fresh, balmy mild temps made it ideal to be out and about amongst similar arty folk. The museum was opened, a brilliant lively Pink Floyd cover band playing and beautiful hand-made lanterns decorated the scape.

Kids as I found out, made the hand-held string lanterns at school, which were just so pretty. Families were out in their scores.. celebrating.. enjoying the music.. & atmosphere.. as was I.

Below is a video I shot of the fabulous Pink Floyd cover band singing "Money" & a few pictures I snapped of the pretty lanterns. I had a wonderful time, and have marked the event in my planner. I wont be missing it next yr.

the Manly Arts Festival

Pink Floyd cover band


huge dragon lantern

South Steyne Ferry lantern

sailboat lantern

returning on the ferry with 'candylicious' treat

me reflecting on such a beautiful eve

just beautiful out on the harbour