Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tim Finn At The Metro

What can I say about the legendary Tim Finn? As founding member of Split Enz successful solo artist & temporary member of brother Neil Finn's Crowded House & the magnificent Finn Brothers releases he sure is an amazing evolving multitalented individual. So when I found out thru the Metro's website that Tim was on tour to promote his new album "The View Is Worth The Climb" I knew without a doubt that it was unmissable!

And what a super performance he gave! Mixing old with the new, he stunned the audience with his ageless appearance and energy that was infectious & had the entire room singing & in a uproar as he shared poignant moments in his life with us.

The key stand-out songs that I loved were: Poor Boy my absolute fave from the Split Enz era that brought back flashes of my high school days with Enz on the TV.. My Mistake another kool quirky track that was great to hear again.. Six Months In A Leaky Boat OMG I couldnt get this out of my head! I was driving the boy mad humming and/or whistling it lol for days afterwards too that was the song that caused an uproar during the Falklands War and still sounds just as good as all those years ago.

The new tracks People Like Us & The View Is Worth The Climb were fantastic. Tim played piano for both. All in all I really enjoyed the show & would def see Tim again if the opportunity arose.

Below are a few of the videos I made. & a few close ups of Tim [yes of course I was up front again!]