Sunday, December 23, 2012

Morrissey Sydney Opera House

Morrissey! The sheer presence of this iconic brilliant artist was definately one of the highlights of 2012. The return downunder after a 10 year absence of one of the most influential artists that makes doom and gloom seem almost like a fashion statement was highly anticipated, and naturally, I had set my mind to be blown.

The choice between The Enmore or the Opera House was an easy one. I mean, seriously, Morrissey just begged to be seen at the House, there was no choice really.

and what a performance he gave!

Arriving to an atmosphere buzzing with excitement, my seat, I discovered, was almost the perfect vantage point. Slightly off centre right to stage, it seemed like Morrissey would be something I could reach out and touch. In fact, the whole of the concert hall it seemed was a mass of great seating. In the lead up to what was promising to be a memorable performance, the brilliant retro video show entertained us with an amazing array of past international talent.

After an extended intro of rotating white spotlights and mentions of various world events, Morrissey and his matching grey slacks band emerged to screaming cheering fans, bowing to the crowd, uttering [I think]: 'why ask for the stars, when you can woo me?' Everyday is Like Sunday followed.

Everyday Is Like Sunday
Shoplifters of the World Unite [Smiths]
You're the One For Me Fatty
Black Cloud
Action Is My Middle Name
November Spawned a Monster
Alma Matters
The Youngest Was the Most Loved
To Give [The Reason I Love]
I Know It's Over [Smiths]
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Meat Is Murder
Let Me Kiss You
You Have Killed Me
Still Ill [Smiths]
Irish Blood, English Heart
Ouija Board, Ouija Board
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want [Smiths]
How Soon Is Now? [Smiths]

Morrissey gave the fans what they wanted. During the last tour, he apparently left out playing any Smiths but this time round we were treated to the best from that era. I Know Its Over in particular, evoked the crowd, sparking very audible gasps of delight. Interspersed with the stellar setlist were band intros, stripping off a sweaty shirt and watching it being thrown into the crowd, fans attempting to climb on stage, audience interaction [Morrissey asked the fans if they wanted to speak.. and got some humourous responses and seriously, who would pass up the chance to speak with him?...'would you go on a date with me?' 'I would like to marry you' 'you have saved me from 10,000 heartbreaks'], more deadpan gloomy comments like 'Im the kind of person who'll go to the gallows before their time' 'I was born a 95 year old soul' 'Im so happy im going outside to throw myself under a car', to draping himself with a flag which also ended up as crowd fodder - you could not fault Morrissey.

'When I sing about romance, the songs arent very long' he expressed, but isnt that what makes them so desirable, that blatant irreverence?

'Look at my grave and remember these words' preceded one of the highlights of the evening, Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want, the throes of fans swaying, some with hands in the air, just spellbound.

A quick escape to the back, amidst the cheering crowd, Morrissey was back in a blue shirt, standing in line, bowing, saying thanks before launching the encore which just detonated the place - an electrifying Smiths classic, How Soon Is Now? What a perfect end to a perfect evening!

Morrissey.. oh my.. what an absolute splendor you are! xx

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tame Impala

Returning home after successful international touring coupled with the release of their 2nd studio album, Lonerism, which was named NME magazine album of the year, Tame Impala were into their extensive national tour with 2 back to back shows at the Enmore Theatre.

Seated in the lounge area, with a reasonable view of the stage [providing Lurch and co werent attending], the lights dimmed with Tame Impala nonchalantly walking onstage and suddenly the whole theatre smelt like the person behind you had just lit up a joint.

Hazy, smoke-filled stage, one hell of an amazing oscilloscopic light display, hypnotic echoing of guitars and Kevin's distorted and dream-like vocals, Tame Impala belted through a terrific setlist. The reason they are huge faves with the home crowd was very clear.

Everyone was in the mood to dance, and with such hits as Elephant, a high level of crowd delirium was guaranteed.

The highlight of the evening was a epic mind-blowing 10 minute finale of "Half Glass of Wine". With most of the seats now empty, the crowd had taken up standing positions in the aisles, swaying wildly, hugging, smiling. All that was missing was the scenery really and prolly a flower or two in the hair. Simply amazing!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Miz Helenas Xmas Message

Hi everyone! Well that time of year has arrived again...yes! the festive season is almost upon us...

Most of you have seen me in the role of Santas helper in my previous videos lol which, looking back on now, seem hilarious! haha but I did have fun making them. This time round, I want to just be myself more [whatever that is] and hopefully a few of you can relate to my message.

This one goes out to all my twitter, FB, blip fm and now new soundcloud friends. I hope 2012 has been kind to you all and you have achieved your aspirations and goals and if you haven't quite yet, I hope your one step closer.

This time of year has always been reflection time for me where I get to look back and smile at the good times, learn from the not so good times and begin some forward planning for the year ahead.

One of the main things I've learnt [or should I say relearnt and have been reminded of yet again], is not to stress over things we have absolutely no control over. As much as we'd like to control situations, sometimes they are just meant to be and decisions made are in no way attributed to us, even if they seem so and we feel that slight pang of rejection. Just take a deep breath, step back, analyse and move on. The clock keeps ticking and life is too bloody short!

So with this in mind, 2013 I have decided, will be focussing on a more personal level. Prioritizing because its the things that matter the most is what I should be immersing myself into, yet I have at times allowed myself to stray. Its time to expand my world and experiences. A time to learn something new, branch out and meet new people, list goals and aspirations [and renew old ones] and really get to enjoy what I'm doing for a change. I know I'm only touching on things that go much deeper but I'm certain this will steer me forward and open up my mind to explore further. Seems I have been neglecting this creative expressive side to me and before you know it that dull stagnating feeling sets in. Not very nice UGH!

I hope 2013 will be a special year for all of you too. So, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends warmth, love and fun for the holidays and a fantastic exciting 2013.

On a final note, keep smiling and pursuing your goals and treat each other well. Much love and hugs from Mizzy.

Oh and just before I go, I made a plate of yummy xmas goodies just for you! enjoy!

see yas xxxx

Listen in to the audio version of Miz Helenas Xmas Message here

Thursday, December 6, 2012

2012 ARIA Awards

Was thrilled to secure tickets to the 2012 ARIA Awards at The Sydney Entertainment Centre, when all this time I thought tickets werent sold to the public! ARIA Awards night was soley reserved for the promoters, artists, record co executives etc of the music industry, right? WRONG!

The tickets were right up the back as I half expected them to be, securing them only a few days prior, but thats OK I said as I buzzed with excitement, at least im going!

On arrival, The Sydney Entertainment Centre corridors were awash with little black dresses and Kim Kardashian high heeled pumps. It seems the evenings association was to be amongst thousands of over made up Barbie Doll clones.

What an uphill hike it was to get seated lol aisle seat, 3rd row from the back, the stage looked tiny. Still, the excitement of award night was in the air, with thousands of screaming teenage fans. [UGH!] Nicky Minaj, Tayor Swift, 360, Guy Sebastian, Gotye, The Jezabels, The Temper Trap, The HillTop Hoods, Madden Bros, Kimbra, Jessica Mauboy, Missy Higgins were either performing [The Jezabels were fanatstic!], or announcing winners. Read a more detailed ARIA winners review here.

Goyte swooped a total of 4 ARIAs! The Jezabels, fresh from hugely successful international touring, were fanatstic live! Interesting to note, the ARIAs live uses alot of previously taped segments, esp backstage interviews, and even the audience do not escape some ads. Huge respect to Yothu Yindi for being inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. I missed the tribute Jessica Mauboy and co sang for Treaty and also it seems, Guy Sebastians Battle Scars. [BUMMER]

Following the ARIAs, there were coaches waiting to convey us to the afterparty at The Star, which I discovered were several. The fans party was at Rock Lily, the main industry [by invite only] party was at The Marquee. There was also smaller parties hosted by Sony that were private.

We were treated further to San Cisco and Alpine at the after party. San Cisco really pumped up the crowd with several funky covers. We felt like the only grown ups in the place, but it was a fun eve and the Rock Lily bartender made the meanest mojito cocktail!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Pierces

Thanks to my buddys at the OAF I had won another double pass, this time to see the fabulous Pierces. The New York based [Alabama raised] band comprising of sisters Catherine [blonde] & Allison [brunette] were in town supporting Coldplay and were also playing a show of their own.

Not knowing them previously and not knowing what to expect, they were truly amazing. This weeks mood had been particularly melancholy and after listening to a few songs, I just knew this gig would be the perfect antidote.

Seems I have been missing out.

Their hazy seductive cacophonic guitars interlaced with their hypnotic vocal harmonies, the sisters had us mesmerized. Beautifully contrasted and complimentary, you could tell they had the audience in their grasp with their heart felt lyrics. 'I Put Your Records On' was written when Catherine was dating Albert Hammond Jr [of the Strokes] and was dedicated to anyone who has ever dated a musician [with Allison whispering "dont do it"]

An amusing light-hearted moment of the evening was when Catherine was complaining of the excess smoke effect and requested it to be turned down, which was met with Allisons playful response of "that's so un-rock n roll of you Catherine". LOL!

Interesting fact I learnt about this band is that Coldplay bassist, Guy Berryman, stepped in just as the girls were about to call it quits after 3 studio albums together, to team up and go to work on and produce their current album, You and I. As it turned out, You and I has had massive success in the UK, re-igniting their sisterly bond and preparing them for a fresh start. Well done girls!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sculptures By The Sea

Went to see Sculptures By The Sea this afternoon and what a interesting exhibit it was. Quite the subjective experience, Sculptures By The Sea is a yearly [since 1997] event on the coastal walk between Tamarama and Bondi beaches. Sculptures of the weird and wonderful and innovative clever kind adorn the walkway from talented local and international artists.

I took a leisurely stroll capturing most of the quirky exhibits commencing at Tamarama right through to Bondi. It was a splendid day out, very windy but very warm, the water was a beautiful blue, the sky had not one cloud in sight and I ended up turning a slight shade of pink.

Afterward, I sat and admired the view from Tamarama and Bronte with video and images from each view below. What a gorgeous afternoon had! Enjoy the slide show!

For more Sculptures By The Sea info and a stunning galleria click here

Tuesday, October 23, 2012



Husky a indie/folk band originally from Melbourne were into their "Tidal Wave" Oz tour after extensive UK/EU touring and the release of their debut album 'Forever So' and guess who won a double pass?

What an amazing band! Husky [Husky is also the name of the lead vocalist] takes the audience on a trip through their captivating hum-along music which arouses warmth, reminiscent of poignant memories. Husky draws you into the full experience by getting the audience to visualize scenarios that compliment them so well.

Moments to remember the spring garden and first produce, parts of ourselves that best be constrained but refuse to be and dedications to wild wonderful women, Husky captivated the crowd. It was the perfect end to the weekend.

Dark Sea, Hunter, The Woods, new song Wolf Man, a brilliant INXS cover, even more brilliant extended piano solo, had stunned the crowd. Even my companion for the evening was so impressed that he ended up purchasing 'Forever So' CD without knowing them previously. That made me smile. Thanks for yet another fabulous evening OAF!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Waiting For Her Command

the exuding acridity staining the mindscape
catching Her seering stare
silently bewildered drawing in soft breath
knowing only self sacrifice and servitude
feeding from Her with starving devotion
tumultuous, ravenous soaked to the skin
saturated by a stern rain of tears
Futile, he realizes,
he will soon have his mind and body in such compromise
tensing, holding of breath
he feels Her searching for a single trace of weakness
pulling his thoughts to Her
Her smirk slowly forming a wicked grin
closing in,
sustaining piercing eye contact
the sway of full hips against the tautness of Her latex
the bounce of Her generous breast
Her heels, so erotic
and those red stained lips, oh those lips
parting ever so lusciously,
waiting for Her command

Listen in to the audio version of Waiting For Her Command

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Peter Combe @ OAF

Thanks again to my good friends the OAF for a family pass, this time to see the king of the kids, multiple ARIA winner Peter Combe, and what an absolutely fun quirky performance it was!

As most Aussie kids, we grew up listening to his famous songs from the early 80's like Toffee Apple, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Wash Your face With Orange Juice and more. It turned out even Jeans knew of him, as he had toured schools a few years ago.

The Quirky Berzerky Tour had kicked off and it was difficult in choosing which show to attend. Peter Combe also apparently has an over 18's show [he said with raised eyebrow lol] for the fans that grew up listening to him, and he also was doing regular kids/family shows. I opted for the family matinee pass and thought it would top off a great long weekend out with the gang.

Most of his stand-out songs were sung [Newpaper Mama, Wash Your face With OJ, Tadpole, Captain Cook] with the assistance of a brilliant kids dance group, along with a couple of tracks from his most recent album, Quirky Berzerky [the Turkey from Turkey] with Toffee Apple as a stand out fave.

Following the show we went for dumplings at World Square which were yummy! First time ive had them too.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 NRL Grand Final BBQ Party

The Bulldogs lost the grand final but its not surprising considering that the Storm played just about perfect football. Despite that and with a bit more luck, the dogs could have still won.

Ennis held up over the line, Ben Barba being called back for a knock on after sprinting 90 metres and Perrett dropping an intercept, are a few things that might have gone the Bulldogs way. Also Barba and Morris linked up a few times including the best moment of a scoreless second half almost repeating their Mackay try combination with Barba kicking infield for Morris, except this time Slater arrived at the last second to punch the ball away.

Earlier in the first half it was Melbourne who dominated, scoring 3 tries off the back of most of the possession and field position. The only Bulldogs points came from a Perrett try in the corner which sparked a wild scene when Slater came sliding in dangerously to stop Perrett with James Graham apparently biting Slater's ear.

Its a disappointing end to the season having come so close but im proud of the progress made. If you had told me this time last year what would happen, I would be very excited. So full credit to Hasler, the players and coaching staff for turning it around in a short timeframe and congratulations to the Storm for copying the Bulldogs strategy for winning the Premiership, this result 2 years after getting caught salary cap cheating is very similiar to the last Bulldogs title in 2004.

Nevertheless, we had a lovely NRL grand final party with snags on the barbie, great company and plenty of cheers as well as anxious moments! We had even dressed little Charlie in a cute blue and white Bulldogs bib. Im sure that inflated his little ego a wee bit and he imagined he was a real bulldog lol.

Stay hungry [without biting anyone] for 2013 boys!

Below is the gang mucking around after the game and a grand final highlights video.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monorail Treasure Hunt

What fun! I had purchased tickets to the Monorail Treasure Hunt months ago. The October long weekend seemed a perfect time to take advantage of the expiring deadline as other events had also taken up a spot on the calendar making it a full weekend. It had worked out well!

Arriving mid afternoon, I met my companion for the day at Town Hall and we decided to board at close by Victoria Gallery. I had briefly, the day previous, whilst on a quick trip to town, stopped and enquired at Victoria Gallery station as to what was involved. I was shown a map and given a glance over the instructions which seemed to be a sequence of clues/questions and was told it expired over the weekend with the answers to be filled in online and a printable pirate certificate issued.

Ok, so here we were being issued our day passes and maps and were told to go back downstairs as the first clue could be found out on the street on a map. This initially confused us, as C1 did not in anyway correspond to our surroundings and we were frantically searching for things that were obviously meant to be elsewhere. The clues were written slightly cryptically with 'tracks' either being interpreted as monorail tracks or light rail tracks.

We finally clicked and began a loop of the city and headed to Marketplace where we came to the conclusion that 'tracks' in C1 meant light rail tracks beside the entrance to the market. DING! Everything from that point clicked into place. It seemed the answers were almost leaping out in front of our eyes. DOH!

Clues 1-5 were in and around Chinatown and a few new discoveries [actually this whole adventure ended up being several new discoveries!] A clue for a brightly illustrated laneway with angel-like beings floating above, in particular, had us baffled guessing what kind of painted weather feature it had on its walls. It looked like wind or clouds to us, or possibly snowflakes? hmm [still stumped on that one lol oh well]

Clues 6-9 centred around Town Hall and things you normally miss or dont pay attention to when out and about, with one we had to pick up from inside the monorail as we passed it, so we had to be vigilant. [that particular answer we had a couple of goes at, as it just slipped us by when we were looking for something we thought would stand out according to its colour description lol]

It was now time for the exciting part me hardies and really be pirates lol Harbourside!

Clues 10-13 were spent exploring in Darling Harbour [opposite city end] and we came across some very interesting relics. Lighthouse, lifeboats, anchors and ancient pines were the themes of the afternoon. This is where we took our time and slowed things down a bit. The AFL was on the big screen and we walked into a sea of a loud red and white crowd cheering, drinking, watching the big game from the many bars facing the screen. We continued down to the Darling Quarter and grabbed some Thai and sat going over the afternoon and compared our answers. We lingered.

By this time it had turned cool and dark and we decided to go for one more loop around to try and figure out what the answer was to the clue we missed from inside the monorail. I switched on the camera as we departed and captured most of the trip around with the view from the window looking down onto busy Saturday evening Sydney.

It had been a marvellous day, a great workout of non-stop walking and it was time to say farewell. However, it seems we'll soon again be enjoying much more of Darling Harbour with generous discounts included with the monorail day pass. YAY!

Below is a slide show of pictures and a video from the monorail. ENJOY!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Future Islands @ OAF

Future Islands were truly electrifying!!!! The wait was over. One of my most fave bands of late I was hoping would tour, were embarking on a short Aussie stopover and there was no way I would miss it. Future Islands is one of those bands that remain with you after you discover just how appealing their music really is. Their unique sound and vocal style had won me over and here they were now LIVE!!!

This 3 piece synth band from Baltimore consisting of keyboardist Gerrit Welmers, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, William Cashing and the amazing vocalist Samuel Herring had the crowd carrying out their most rowdiest raucous behaviour. They sang a fabulous mix of songs with a couple of untitled freshies added to the set.


*if you fall
*give us the wind
*inch of dust
*before the bridge
*untitled [we're still writing it]
*cotton town
*close to none
*walkin through that door
*long flight
*tin man
*untitled [but you can dance to it]
*vireo's eye
*so far away
*little dreamer

Samuels raunchy vocals were passionate, intense amd so emotional, you could almost feel the potency virtually pour out of him. He didnt disappoint. Little Dreamer brought so much emotion to the fore. They're definitely in a class of their own and a band I would definitely see again.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes

Well Friday rolled around and so did the excitement of Friday night footy. My beloved doggies were playing Manly in the first of the NRL finals & I win another double pass thanks to my good friends the OAF to see the sassy ensemble that is Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes! It was going to be a great evening!

Initially thinking I'll give it a miss to stay at home and watch it, those plans quickly changed when I watched a video of theirs at You Tube. These chicks were hot and happening! How could I miss an opportunity to see em live for the first time and also get to celebrate the doggies win?

The place ended up packed out!

Looking around, seems everyone but me had heard of them. Where have I been? lol still, I did like discovery. They topped off a great evening so to speak. The Dr Feelgoods went down well too.

Watch out for these sassy chicks.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


bedazzling captivating charm
the pulsating rush of yearning
the restless ache of him
fleeting precious moments
feed the longing for liberty
beyond oppressive restraints
quietly languid
yet laying a permanent claim
to a blunt persuasive
sentiment of adoration
though scattered in pieces
her longing grew
suffering the attractive absence of heart
arms outstretched,
holding nothing
a victim of her own optimism
and knew in the silence that followed
the very essence of intrigue is perplexity

Listen in to the audio version of Yearning here

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Her Delicious Intimidating Revenge

The trip was long, the thoughts of the past few months still preoccupying Her mind, running hot, burning almost as She entered the taxi. She loaded Her bag and finally settled down and began the long journey to his door. This was to be a surprize visit, one he wasn’t aware of or for that matter wouldnt have anticipated in his wildest dreams. There was much between them unresolved. Flames still flickering beneath the surface and even tho they hadn’t spoken for quite some time, there was always something there that kept reminding Her.

The taxi driver was a polite handsome man in his prime and was attempting to make small talk which didn’t interest Her. There was a scene replying in Her head that needed Her attention and distractions like these were not welcomed. “I’ve had quite a long arduous trip” She said.. “And im looking forward to rest & sleep. I assume I can count on you to get us there safely and in one piece? Yes?” he peered at Her in the rear view mirror. A raven haired beauty with a mouth. Somehow something was telling him She wasn’t on her way to rest. Her beautiful finely sculptured face spoke volumes and seemed to be far away. He nodded quickly and took that as a direct request to shut the hell up. Which he did promptly.

She sank back into the seat. A long sigh escaping her lips, closing Her eyes and letting Her mind drift. Everything She needed was neatly packed away and just to make sure She began a mental note if there was anything else She missed. Then his smiling face appeared. The same smiling face She saw on his face the last She saw of him, seering into Her. She quickly brushed it away. She wasn’t here for any loving reunion or convincing. As drastic as it sounded, Her mission was to remind him of a few things She thought he needed to be reminded of then get the hell out of there fast.

Nothing was amiss. She prided herself on Her meticulous and calculated planning of this day, months ago. No one in their right mind got off treating Her like a discardable pawn, one to be strung along till something more convenient came along and being the last to find out. NO ONE. Finally all the pieces clicked together. Did he not have the slightest idea who he was playing with? This was a fiery hot-blooded woman who had the most heart-felt sincerest devotion even tho 1000’s of miles came between them. Who loved him in a strange obsessive way, utterly, complete, mind-blowing in every sense and in a way no one ever made her feel for a long time. He slowly became part of Her. Her thoughts and desires were for him alone, and oh how it ached.

Snapping to attention She straightened up and checked Her reflection. She had to appear normal. Nothing must give away Her inner turmoil. She pulled out her vanity purse and began to freshen up, dusting Her flushed cheeks and reapplying Her red gloss. Then checked again and secretly smirked to Herself. He doesn’t have the faintest idea does he?..a remark She constantly reminded herself of that fed the scene in Her mind. This day was to become Her moment to relish in and it was drawing close.

Oh but wait.. She did need something..

Motioning to the taxi driver, She requested he stop at the nearest shop before the destination to purchase Her ‘ticket’ Her ‘Trojan horse’ offering. Well, she had to appear friendly and delight him with something before he invited Her inside. “the nearest township is about 10 mins away Miss” said the driver. Hmmm ok. Now what do I get him? She thought to herself. She didn’t want to appear too keen or too casual, even if this was the first time She was to meet him She wanted him to think She was thoughtful and kind and pleased to see him. Perhaps a small useful souvenir will do nicely.

They finally arrived and the driver stopped. It was a lovely quaint town which offered a lot and She had fun browsing making the choice hard, finally selecting a delicious compilation of subtle erotic poetry and a bookmark he’d be sure to love. Smiling, She got back in the cab and the driver sped away. “not long to go now Miss, we should be there in no time” "thankU driver" She was in a good mood, even if She was a little nervous…

It was still morning when they arrived. The sun was shining the beginning of a pleasant day it seemed and She hoped She would spot him outside instead of having to knock at his door. Yes! How much more surprising would that be She smugly thought to catch him unawares. Turning off the main road, they finally came to a stop. Her heart was beating fast as She fumbled for her purse, her eyes darting everywhere. She paid the driver and retreived her bag from the boot compartment and slowly began the few steps to his door. She prided in the fact She was dressed and groomed well, with tailored jacket and long skirt with adjustable thigh high boots that hid her surprize latex undergarments well and to top it off, a sexy black cap that when she lowered her head, would shield her eyes. It was time!

She took a deep breath and checked Herself again and knocked on the door. There was no turning back now.

He opened it and stared for a moment at the woman before him…

"Hello dear" She managed as he continued to stare, finally clicking on hearing Her accent and almost falling over himself and turning a bright shade of red in the process. He mumbled a slight hello back and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. OMG!!! What was She doing here?? “how are you dear?” She said looking at him straight in the eye relishing in his reaction. He was dumbfounded, yet his dream was unfolding before him. The woman he once loved and cherished but lost was standing before him. Was he dreaming?? He reached out and hugged Her tightly and invited Her in, little did he know what She had in store underneath Her cool exterior.

"Did you miss me dear?" She asked him as She was being led to his spacious lounge room and offered a seat and a cup of tea. "Its so very good to see you and you look fabulously sexy" he muttered and settled Her before disappearing into the kitchen, nerves apparent. He came back a few moments later with a tray of goodies for them and sat down beside Her. The closeness was both exhilarating and disturbing for Her. All those months of turbulent emotions were coming to the surface and She couldn’t hold it in much longer. The small talk felt out of place between them considering the fire they both had inside for one another at one time. Still, she kept Her composure and engaged in pleasantaries.

"Oh I have a little something for you dear I hope you like it". She got up and headed for Her bag which She placed on the side table and immediately felt his eyes on Her. She knew this and made an effort to tease him slightly by bending down turning around to watch him before reaching into Her bag and grabbing his gift.

He shifted. That brief, seductive vision of Her playing in his mind and found himself unable to sit still. “There you go dear, a little something for a lovely bedtime read“. “Oh thank you very much” he said. He was delighted even tho he was flustered by Her presence. She sat watching him open it with slightly trembling hands and thought to herself how splendid it was he found Her appealing even though he was oblivious to what was about to unleash.

The cat was about to pounce. She couldn’t hold it any longer...

"So, did you think you would never see me again?" She blurted, forcing him into silence. He looked at Her with surprize and embaressment. She welcomed the look, in fact, she wanted him right where he couldn’t talk back but just listen to the months of past agony pour out, where She would at the slightest of protest from him, shoot him down and make him think twice about what he would say. She continued. "I loved you and would have done anything to be with you, but you had different ideas, you chose a slut over Me. A slut who would gloat over her supposed victory over having you and getting rid of Me, a slut you were content with receiving sloppy seconds from, you disgust Me boy and I thought I knew you, how wrong I was. Im glad ive woken up, you are scum hunny, there I said it! You don’t know the true meaning of what it is to love someone, you threw away everything instead of listening to your heart, you are nothing but a dirty filthy cunt."

She was raging by this time and all he could do was hang his head in shame, afraid to talk back even tho he wanted to tell Her he still loved her, still was the one for him, still had Her under his skin and thought of Her constantly, and yes, She was right of course with all the rest.

She stood up and looked down upon him. "Im here dear to show you what you have missed out on and what you’ll never get to have EVER. Just a little reminder of me to instill in that head of yours and torment you when I leave". It was time for him to discover his fate, what her true intentions were and his fate lay in the secrets Her bag held.

"Stand up and remove your jeans" she demanded "pulled down just enough for me to see your filthy cock not all the way". She wanted an eye on his cock at all times as She was about to do the most vile things to him. Shocked and stunned, he complied, slowly unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them down whilst She grabbed her bag of goodies and pulled out a set of metal handcuffs, handcuffing his hands behind his back and ordering him to kneel on the floor, hissing voraciously into his ear "This is to ensure you don’t get any filthy ideas dearest and trust me you wouldn’t want to". She had him right where She wanted him. It was playtime now. He was about to experience the pent up anger She was about to unleash and my, what fun She had in store.

Stepping back, She removed her skirt and jacket and delighted in his gasping reaction. Her black latex catsuit fit her like a glove and accentuated her curves well. Her generous bust thrust forward thru the holes the top half provided and her boots made her feel like She was towering over him. Ordering him up, She instructed him to lead her to his bedroom. She wanted the intimate feel of where he spends his time with her to become Her territory for now.

Entering the bedroom, She immediately was engrossed with the repungnant visuals of their secret trysts. Eyeing the bed, She envisioned the way he made her his plaything, oblivious to any pain She must be feeling, totally absorbed in his own pleasures without a care. She wanted to make him Her whore for now, to degrade & reduce his pompous male ego to a shred. She wanted him on display, flayed, and getting a taste of what Her emotions felt like, raw and exposed, vulnerable & bruised.

"On your knees boy, facing me", she sneered. She stood over him looking down at the pathetic figure before her, almost feeling sorry for him but instead sniggering at his predicament. He looked up at Her, her breasts a frame for Her menacing stare as She caught him gawking. Bending down cupping his chin in her hand, she breathed ‘disrespectful boys need to be taught advertency to ones emotions.’ "Nod if you understand this boy". He nodded slightly, head bowed and immediately felt Her harsh slap across his cheek. ‘What utter nonsense boy, I do not appreciate being made a fool of’ She jeered. Seating herself in the armchair in the corner, She motioned for him to crawl over to Her on his knees. Inching his way, with his erect cock swaying, his eyes feasted upon Her sleek black latex curves, watching Her sit seductively, bust thrust forward, a sculptured form of pure intimidation, kneeling inches away from Her crossed intimidating boots.

She looked down and derided at his plight, repulsed & delighted at his inability to control his impulsions. ‘aww look at the filthy little slut’ she hissed, pressing Her boot into his face "we have to do something about that, dont we little boycunt". She reached for Her bag of goodies and produced a flexible riding crop and a thick brutal black cock and strapped it on, slowly smirking to Herself as She waved it in his face. “Have a look at what I have for you to feast upon boy’ She said stoking it with one hand whilst grabbing his hair with the other & pushing his mouth down onto Her. She flicked it over his lips smacking him, forcing him to swallow Her thick head almost choking him.

Laying back in Her chair, She spread Her latex clad thighs, striking him with Her crop, taunting him "open up now and show me how much you desire to suck on a real cock. I want to see enthusiasm and how much my whorecunt can devour. Dont you agree I have been very generous boy?" Forced to swallow Her cock whole, She repeatedly rammed the back of his throat, while he continued to show his cocksucking prowness, stopping to humiliate him further by cockwhipping his slimey spit covered face. His weeping stiff cock was in agony.

Ordering him up and generously removing his handcuffs, She took his wet face in Her palm & kissed him softly, whispering Her huge rubber cock was eager to enter his wide horny hole and savagely splice open his tight pucker. His cock leapt with Her words. The throbbing almost pushed him past the edge. He knew he had to have control or face the wrath of this demanding beautiful tyrant.

"Over by the bed and assume position on your hands and knees boy" She ordered he turn and look at Her waving Her cock, building the intense anticipation of what he was about to endure, pulling his head back and sneering at him. "Is this how you fuck her?" "Does she moan for you?" Positioning Her thick cock against his taunt resisting sluthole She began pushing the wide lubeless cockhead inside, tearing past his tight sphincter, soaking in his yelling cursing and deep groans.

His sweet ass was Hers now, fucking it repeatedly, his whining divine, bucking hard against Her, his rock hard cock in agony and about to explode. The little slut was about to cop a mouthful of Her cum. This made him grab his cheeks and spread them wider for Her, as She thrust into him again and again. "oh look at the skanky whore. Where's that cock at cunt?.. scream it loud for me, tell me wheres that cock at?" "up my slutty cunt" he squeeled. She delighted at hearing his pathetic whining, pulling out and cumming *spitting* onto his face and into his open mouth, stuffing Her cock deep down his throat and allowing him to taste and savour the ass coated cock.

She decided to reward Her bitch with a nice ass-phyxiating smothering. All that brutal fucking had exhusted Her and She needed a cigarette. Unzipping Her latex and perching Her rounded ass on his face, She lit up, while he inhaled and got high on Her sweet aroma, smearing Her steamy butthole all over him.

Dazed and still partly in shock, he watched Her dress and pack away Her tools and calmly call a cab. Her anger was still simmering and She wasnt the slightest bit interested in hearing him complain or beg for her forgivesness. She came, She conquered and in the same manner swiftly got the hell out of there, leaving him with his mixed up thoughts, a throbbing rock hard cock and lots to clean up.

Listen in to the audio version of Her Delicious Intimidating Revenge here

Monday, August 27, 2012

Battleships @ Upstairs Beresford

Finally got to see one of the most amazing local bands last week, and WOW! After discovering and listening to their debut release, In Retrospect, I was hooked. It instantly became a hot fave and shot to the top becoming my SOTW [song of the week] for several weeks running. This stunning up and coming indie 4-piece draw from many influences, hail from Sydney and have taken up residency at The Upstairs Beresford for the entire month of August.

The venue The Upstairs Beresford, is one of the upmarket boutique pubs in the city. Stylish, with bars, limited booth seating [requiring a booking] & a wide stage area, the crowds were young hip and beautiful. My companion for the evening & I arrived just as happy hour ended and Sons began. Sons, an indie band from Melbourne, unknown to us but certainly a band to keep a eye on, amazed us with their sound. You know when you hear a band and they seem to remind you of a band you like but cant pinpoint who? I tried to look them up to find out more and they werent anywhere to be found!

Nevertheless, we were there for Battleships and we were totally blown away! Widely acclaimed and on the rise, it will be interesting to note where Battleships go from here.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Maroubra on a Sunday

Sunday drive ended up at beautiful Maroubra Beach where the surf was rough and foamy. Such a beautiful spot where a scenic path brings you close to the breathtaking wonders of the sea.

Pseudo Echo @ the OAF

Well well, fancy winning a double pass to see the 80's synth popsters Pseudo Echo at the OAF! Its the second time ive won tickets to see a band at this venue. Talk about excitement.

When they finally took to the stage after a lengthy delay [the plane was late due to high winds] they launched straight into their synth laden hits of the 80's. Listening, Destination Unknown, Dont Go, I Will Be You. Their 'new romantic' Spandau-esque inspired mullets might be long gone, but they havent lost their spark.

They also sang their newest single released independently, their first release in 20 years, Suddenly Silently, a rich, stompy, typically Pseudo track. Im bummed I missed the give away of a digital card for download.

The best was yet to come with a superb finish with an awesome extended version of Funky Town. What a great evening! Thanks OAF.

Below is a slideshow of the pics & a playlist of videos from the evening. ENJOY!

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Gap

Its been forever since ive been back to witness the majestic splendor of the Gap coastal walk & its beautiful panoramic scenery. I think the last time I was there was on a hot summers eve about 20 years ago in the company of a latino friend whom I had a slight crush on, and was oblivious to my surroundings.

Fast forward a couple of decades & the area looks nothing like it did at that time. Or rather, I wasnt paying much attention **blush**, but I have noticed a few changes. The most notable being several 'lifeline' booths and cameras have been installed as part of 'The Gap Masterplan' to help reduce the sombre self-harm predictaments that have made the Gap quite famous for. Detailed instructions state if you need to talk it over, help is close at hand and that your not alone. I tried to imagine such a scene & it seemed too distressing. Still, I applaud it & think its a good tool to try and discourage those who maybe contemplating the unthinkable.

Have they extended the walking area? I thought the area was much smaller. How wrong was I. The walking path extends all the way from Old South Head Rd Gap Park thru Sydney Harbour National Park to the Hornby Lighthouse. I didnt quite make it all the way there, but the breathtaking view was amazing. I stopped to take pictures at different spots, knowing any pictures I did take would be awesome.

The water was a beautiful blue and so crystal clear. No whales were sighted but I suspect on some days there might be perhaps when it warms up.

I was curious about a walking trail that led into a woody, steep descent and wondered where it might lead to. I followed it for a bit and came to the lower end of Gap Park carpark which according the the map, lead to the lighthouse from a different direction. The air smelt so fresh and clean with many species of flora, and so many noisy kookaburras!

After peeling away from the Gap, I headed on down to Camp Cove and strolled around the beach & sat by the waters edge. A semi-secluded lil beach haven, its beautiful in summer to swim at. Lady Jane is only 300 metres away along the walking track. Who doesnt have wonderful memories of that place either as a nude bather or spectator? [cheeky!] lol Last time I was there was in the 80's with my then hubs and our flatmate. I was only a teenager, but was excited and not shy I remember in sunbathing and swimming totally nude, and was amazed such a place existed. One memory distinctly stood out that day. A guy came up to me as I was lying there and knelt beside me and asked for a light. I looked up and all I could see were a pair of hairy balls swinging inches away from my face. Hubs didnt like that and told him to get lost. haha I laugh about it now looking back. Emphatically, the ball swinging I felt was a way for him to get my attention, and was very much deliberate. Pervert.

On the way home, I stopped and took more pictures along Old South Head Rd at Lighthouse Reserve, another beautiful viewing spot. The light was slightly fading and was creating the perfect ambience.

I shall definitely be exploring more of the gorgeous offerings in and around the harbour very soon.

Below is a slideshow of the pictures I took. ENJOY!

Monday, July 23, 2012


I have just signed up at Soundcloud folks!

I have recorded several pieces of femdom musings, thoughts & erotica and now they can all be found in one place. Soundcloud. Im still learning the ins and outs, but I am quite liking it & will be discovering many new artists, music & im sure cool peeps. Join me x

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Had a fun day out revisting beautiful Coogee Beach. I cant remember the last time I had been there so its definitaly been ages. But you know when you revisit a place and a certain landmark or structure reminds you again? Well it was seeing the tidal pool & Giles Baths again that reminded me how unique Coogee is.

When I decided to walk up to the northern point, I was indeed reminded how long. A memorial had been erected for the 'Coogee Dolphins' victims of the Bali Bombing that occured in October 2002, that was strikingly beautiful & sad at the same time and they had remamed the area "Dolphins Point". I also came across the famous site of the 'Virgin Mary' apparition that first appeared in 2003. The site has been adorned in rosary beads, various other religious paraphernalia, newspaper clippings & images. Freaky!

Most splendid afternoon had with ice cream in hand strolling & enjoying the breathtaking view. A return visit in the warmer months is definitely on the cards.

After visiting Coogee, I took a leisurely drive to La Perouse site of the landing of the French Fleet. Below is a slideshow of Coogee & La Perouse pictures.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Retro Pink Girl Pictures, Images and Photos

reawaken the longing inside
for your desire in its rawness
knows no bounds
affection & intimacy
allow no barriers
erstwhile ghosts languish
unencumbering intrepid souls
look inside
embrace your inner child

Friday, July 13, 2012

Flight of the Conchords

LOL! what a foray of exuberance! The wait was finally over, Flight of the Conchords Bret McKenzie & Jemaine Clement had arrived down under for the first time since the Melbourne International Comedy Festival performing to sell-out venues nationally.

Sydney Opera House was a sell-out in mins which was disappointing but no surprize, so I looked further north to Newcastle. There was no way I was going to miss it so it had to be intrastate, interstate or nothing! 2nd row from the front centre, the tickets were fabulous as I discovered! There was no chance I would have secured tickets like that in Sydney.. NO CHANCE.. so I was smug!

Arj Barker as support, kicked off the evening after a hillarious rather gawky intro by Jemaine and he had us in fits of laughter, with his laser eye surgery & toliet flushing & Breaking Bad parody gags. You just knew and could feel the excitement building in anticipation for the FotC boys.

SETLIST Newcastle

When the lights dimmed & Arj left the stage, the roar of the crowd was almost deafening. Suddenly, the stage came alive in multicoloured flashing lights, and the boys appeared donning speaker boxes on their heads, dressed in puffy shiny silver suits & launched into "Too Many Dicks On The Dancefloor". "Robots" followed, approprately, along with the seguing transition into playful jesting about their life on the road and the amusing moments they encountered. Bret recalling the complimentary muffins given at the hotel and panties being thrown onstage describing in particular boxers as he went on, whilst Jemaine replied "yeah they were the only kind he was wearing". lol!

We were also treated to a new FotC tune, Fuck On The Ceiling, which hopefully means the boys are back in the recording studio churning out a new album perhaps?

The boys loved poking fun at us Aussies and did a great Oz accent, and jibes about Newcastle and what would be a suitable slang name for the area. Bret came up with a long drawn out Nnnnn, which ended up being the Newcastle reference and Hunter St as the happening place lol!

Thru numerous costume changes [they apparently had all the gear on underneath one on top of the other!], more chaffing [they were late for a show coz they were stuck in a elevator], introducing a touring instrumentalist, Nigel, occasional re-appearance from Arj & memorable songs, Flight of the Conchords were magnificent. An extended Business Time was the highlight for me, and had us in fits of laughter as Jemaine & Bret changed the lyrics to reflect Newcastle, namely Hunter Street lol!

During a brief pause, Jemaine asked if anyone had any requests. One that repeatedly got yelled out was Shes So Hot [boom] & Told You I Was Freaky, and after chosing a audience member, the boys went with CelloTape and confirmed that mutual love = Love Tape lol

For the purpose of a review, I was using my phone as a notepad to list the key moments and setlist, and I was quite unaware that the phone, left idle in notes [it was resting between my bag and body], was giving off a redlight that must of been bouncing off Bret & Jemaine. Bret looking in my direction saying, "if your going to film us, could you please turn off the red light" followed by Jemaine saying, "turn off the redlight..feels like the terminators watching me" I wasnt even filming at that point! But it was great getting busted by Jemaine.

Evidently "Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros" and "Albi the Racist Dragon" missing from Sydney Opera House setlist, were included in Newcastle. The setlist it seemed, was due to change at every performance.

"Demon Woman" had the boys in rock god mode, cheekily flipping the bird to the crowd, dressed in spandex, with Bret in a flowing cape that stood out as if he was flying & Jemaine in a scarf that looked as if it was blowing a gale. This followed with the boys returning for a 3 track encore with a raunchy 'come down off the stage' audience participation & struting their sexy stuff. Loved it! It was here I managed to capture all of the Jemaine closeups.

FotC aside, I spent Tuesday staying overnight in boutique style accomodation above a busy pub in Broadmeadow and did a bit of sight seeing around Newcastle. I wanted to photograph the Sygna wreck at Stockton but was told there is no car access, which was a bummer, nevertheless, I did get to see Newcastles other lovely beaches and sights.

Such an enjoyable evening, just wish the boys dont leave it too long in returning here again.

Below is a slideshow & video playlist of the evening.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Capturing Heart

Heart Pictures, Images and Photos

Uncertainty, unruly, absolute
ascending to the peak of euphoric fervency
to the ebbs of delirious madness
mind a heaped mess
capturing heart & charm
desire longing to inflame
a somewhat sacrifice
dark, poignant & complex

Miz Helena

Monday, June 11, 2012

VividLIVE Studio Party

The Studio Party for FBI & Pennydrop at the end of May was really kool. My first vividLIVE experience, I had read all the reviews and seen some amazing fun pictures of last years vivid parties and kept saying there was no way im going to miss next years.

So when I seen Zola Jesus and Light Asylum were doing a show, I just knew that was going to be the one I was going to attend no doubt. I had initially thought to attend myself, but that quickly changed when I seen the studio parties are much more than just a concert performance. Dragging my sister out [reluctatantly at first for her]we had the best time out in a long time. Studio Parties are an intimate gathering of music lovers who love mingling in a social atmosphere surrounded with the opulance of majestic Sydney Harbour as a backdrop.

We almost forgot we were there to see Zola Jesus & Light Asylum lol

The night was mild so outdoor seating was perfect. We ordered drinks and nibblies and sat out by the Harbour enjoying ourselves so much. The place even has an outdoor grill with cozy seating and heaters for warmth.

It even boasted a mini dance floor with house DJ spinning a ecletic mix of 80's and 90's. We hit the floor to some kool beats fused mixed chopped and blended with personality and sheer fun.

Venturing inside, it was time to go check out the talent in the Studio... and WOW!

We ended up missing Forces completely, and managed to catch Light Asylums final few setlist. My sis was quite oblivious to both artists but she liked LA. Vocalist Shannon Funchess reminded us of Grace Jones not only with her look but with her grunty singing lol.. she was fantastic. Dark Allies im so glad we caught as they played a brilliant live version. Read reviews of Light Asylum's first full-length studio album here.

After a 45 min intermission Zola Jesus featured and she knocked us out, even from the back! She has this powerful voice that just reverberates thru U. I have only just started listening to her at Grooveshark, and I can honestly say she has made her way into my top 10. Read reviews of Zola Jesus VividLIVE here.

Great great night. Below is a slideshow & a playlist of videos. ENJOY!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Roller Disco


Time Out Sydney had caught my eye with an advert for Roller Disco night at UNSW Roundhouse and who could resist such a fun 70's disco themed night?

When we arrived we were greeted with an assortment of lively characters, mostly dressed in shiny lycras, hotpants, legwarmers, sequins. Jim Morrisson, Tina Turner, Jackson 5, Tony Montana even Jesus were getting their groove on, skating, gyrating and boogie-ing on down to the best 70's/80's disco hits. Song after song was just a blast from the past goodie.

Last time I put on 4-wheeler skates must of been late 70's when mom use to take us skating at Manly Roller Rink behind where Ocean World is presently situated. OMG how rusty was I?.. Terribly rusty. Almost connecting rear end with dancefloor rusty. I was wishing my knee wasnt so fked up, because i'd be dangerous then.

But really fun evening had. The music and lively atmosphere made it so. I couldnt wait to make a Roller Disco playlist.

Below is a slideshow & playlist of Roller Disco videos


Lighting Of The Sails Vivid LIVE 2012

Wasnt going to miss it this year!

Last year for some reason or another I was quite regrettably indisposed, so I was thrilled I could get out and see it live this year.

And OH MY! it took my breath away. I already had prepared myself after seeing pictures of vivid last year, but the lead up was promising somthing totally different, and it lived up to its promise!

Initially running late with a overwhelming sense of excitement, I arrived to see Customs House brightly lit and a whirl of colours. People were standing around in awe, as was I, eyes darting left, right, up, down everywhere. It was breathtaking. To be there live amongst it doubly so. The feeling it gave U was pride that U belong to this great event and city, and it was time for Sydney to come alive for Vivid. It was difficult to peel away.

Next I headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art and oh my lushness, I found it equally as breathtaking. It was just undescribable the brilliance. Objects, people were depicted moving, swirling, connecting, awestruck by the incredible lighting. I felt like it was dancing in front of your eyes, like things might leap off the facade and turn into reality.

In fact, looking around me the whole of Circular Quay was awash in animation & colour.

I ventured over to the Opera House side prepared to be totally blown away. The light display from URBANSCREEN was spectacular. It focused primarily on people rolling, climbing onto the sails with lively animation scattering, building, floating around them. Just incredible to watch. One is in awe just imagining how an event so magnificent is put together when witnessing such beauty.

It was pretty nippy out in the harbour city so I grabbed a delicious Guylian Hot Choc and sipped it as I filmed. Perfect. I left to go home smug with the thought that I'll be back witnessing the brilliance in a few days when we get to see Zola Jesus & Light Asylum at the studio.

Below is a slideshow of pictures taken of Customs House, Museum of Contemporary Art & Opera House including surrounds and a playlist of videos I filmed


Friday, May 18, 2012

A World Without Petrol

I ended up going into town to spend a lovely afternoon in the sun & catch the quirky fun "A World Without Petrol" exhibition at the forecourt outside Customs House today. Nissan LEAF 100% electric NO petrol car was on display surrounded by quite a few offbeat petrol bowsers.

Barbers shop, telephone booth, fireplace, clock, television, garden, birdcage, oven, gumball dispenser, pacman, aquarium, doghouse, greenhouse, refrigerator were just some of the fun themes. Some were real working models too!

In the centre of the Customs House forecourt was a beautiful white petrol bowser fountain centrepiece. It depicted several bowsers bundled together with the hoses pointed into the sky spilling water [yes it definitely was water] It looked beautiful against the Customs House facade.

What would a world with no petrol cars be like?.. planet Earth healing & a cleaner greener environment & people enjoying the fact they are contributing to one and that can only be beneficial for the future of our beautiful planet.

Below is a slideshow of each of the petrol bowsers that were there, along with the Nissan electric car.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Prince symbol Pictures, Images and Photos

WOW what can I say about this iconic artist who needs no introduction? He was simply senfuckingsational last night playing his first gig of the year in Sydney at the Allphones Arena. What a presence! The man is a funky spunky maestro musical genius.

The stage was of course shaped into his symbol with multi-coloured lights that looked amazing when the lights were dimmed and seriously, what more would one have expected it to be?

At 53, with no support act in sight, he delivered and delivered brilliantly. Most of his earlier music was chopped and mixed into medleys that only Prince could get away with, with most stand out hits from the 80's/90's era included. [SETLIST] This was a night to remember. The last time I seen him live was May 92 when he did a final show at the SCG after successive shows at the Entertainment Centre and he certainly hasnt changed one bit. His singing, audience participation, and dancing was as ever brilliant just as if he were performing back in the day, with even more of the wow factor.

The highlight of the evening was when Prince played a long 20 min version of Purple Rain, accompanied by a brilliant accoustic guitarist [he also opened the show strumming Purple Rain] creating a hazy purple ambience with glittery purple rain falling and had the audience singing along. U could definitely feeel the love.

5 of us girls had the best evening of non stop dancing and singing at the top of our lungs. No pictures or filming was allowed, but how could one just sit there and let an opportunity go by like that?... I seen almost everyone else there had the same attitude of fuck the rules, im doing this. So, I managed to capture some rare footage of the funk man strutting his stuff [well more of his singing really, as capturing the man proved a lil difficult when in a furtive state] and a few photos, which I failed to get last time. So im quite smug.

The floor seating was THE place to be to get up close and personal, and by that I mean literally! Prince and his band invited fans up on stage to dance & follow him around & SING! Lucky fuckers!

As I soon discovered, a couple of my secret videos were picked up by and included in their vlog along with others that dared to capture the moment. Can U see me smiling?

To read more indepth review click here

This Prince 'live' blogging-as-it-happens timeline is pretty cooool!

We had the best night. Below is a slideshow of the pictures & a playlist of the videos [I scanned You Tube for the best ones! Thank Goody for badasses who ignore protocol!]


To purchase his amazing re-released Hits & B-sides click below

Thursday, May 10, 2012


My girl beacame a Godmother last weekend to gorgeous lil Mila. It was the most beautiful ceremony ive seen & I was so proud of her for breezing thru it looking fabulous and carrying herself very well. She shone.

The church was a small quaint rustic Orthodox church with a bit of history and very much looked the part with its huge double cast iron bells and sandstone exterior with lavish iconagraphical artifacts inside.

The whole procedure is indeed a lil complex to those that are unfamiliar with the Orthodox christian views, and it would be very difficult for me to try to explain when I myself arent aware of each step.

But basically what was involved was the sponsor [Godmother] acknowledges her role as spiritual guide for the child and renounces Satan. A mini sort of exorism is even performed where the priest chants for demons to leave the child which then the Godmother mockingly spits on the ground repeating I renounce Satan. That bit had everyone chuckling, which lighened the mood & had a few wondering what was happening.

Following that the baby is then prepared for the holy oil & dipping into what looked to be a huge silver goblet 3 times, whole. Poor lil Mila disagreed with most of it, but soon settled when placed in a warm sheet and dried off & dressed. Sooo cute!

For the full breakdown of an Orthodox baptism click here

Afterwards invited guests were treated to a buffet lunch at the proud grandparents house, which was delightful. There I got to mingle and see people I havent seen in ages and we had a lovely time catching up.

Below is a slide show of the events of that day.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grudge Match: Bulldogs vs Manly

Billed by everyone as a grudge match, I watched the lead up to this great match unfold via the media and it seemed to me that the Bulldogs taunt was relentless. Dez Hasler was coming face to face with the team he uncerimoniously dumped last season to take the reigns at the Bulldogs and it wasnt gonna be pretty.

Canterbury coach Des Hasler was put to the sword by his former assistant Geoff Toovey as Manly edged out the Bulldogs 12-10 in an absorbing NRL encounter on Friday night.

Read the full match report & watch the match highlights here

Fulltime Manly 12 Bulldogs 10

The boys tried so hard it was a tough match with a glimmer of hope in the last few mins when the doggies scored a try & conversion & we were hoping that momentum would prove positive to take em to victory but it wasnt to be. Still, proud of the doggies they worked so hard.

Afterwards we went to that delish place Cheeky Chocolate to chill & sample their wares. Jennifer ordered a gin and tonic, I had 1 Cosmopolitan & I was quite warm and happy lol Sis ordered this beautiful profiterole cake which came to our table exquisitely presented as a flower.

Below is my video of half time entertainment & a slideshow of pics from the evening.


Friday, April 27, 2012

FOUND: My Black Lycra Polka Dot Dress

We had a massive clean up the other week & in the process I found my Black Lycra Polkas Dot Dress I hadnt seen since the early 90's! I loooved that dress & was surprized in how good a condition it was. Below are pics of me wearing it, complete with big hair. I look like I just stepped out of the 80's lol

Thursday, April 19, 2012

walkies test recording

signed up with audioboo and its pretty cool... might decide to record some of my poetry. but for now this is sort of a lil sample of a recording of Jeans and I on walkies.. :)

Friday, March 30, 2012


Sadness.... Pictures, Images and Photos

Its pityful,
we can't rewind the things we've been
im looking at you
unabatingly thrashing
torcherous and bare
unplugging yourself
are you longing to breathe?

delve with me
lets wash ourselves clean
even so
that feeling was somewhere sometime ago
of craving passion anew
watching each wobbly step unfold

I have my eye on pause
as the mind replays
resets and sinks
dream, dream on
thats all I have
and its madness

I wont fall without you
thats yet to come
give to me the words
that I know oh so well
avoiding because
they are the ones that undo

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Welcome My Darling

Her naked, curvaceous body stirred. Raising her arms above her head, smiling, she slowly opened her eyes, oblivious for a slight moment where she was exactly, stretching languriously.

Turning over her shoulder, she sees him.

He is still sleeping peacefully, and she is pleasantly aware of a slight grin. He must be dreaming she thinks to herself, slowly swiveling her legs over the edge and heading for the bathroom.

As shes splashes the cool water over her face, she gets flashes of their first encounter, last night. It’s the first time he has shared her bed, and let him indulge her. She still feels the tingling pulsating thru her body as she allows these hot thoughts to run thru her mind. The build-up, the urgency, the passion, they had been lovers for months before he couldn’t stand it any longer and begged her to meet.

He turned up at her door, smiling, holding his arms out, as she instantly fell into them, kissing him, feeling him. They both knew what they were there for, no words needed. The electricity in the air seem to sizzle as they locked eyes, unable to contain themselves as they were invisibly drawn to the huge bathroom.

Welcome my darling she mumbled under his rough kisses, which covered her everywhere, slowly peeling off her tiny tee and shorts, and hoisting her up to the bench where he had better access to her delectable curvaceous body.. She spread open for him, her drenched thighs exciting him. Positioning himself between, he cradled her ample breasts in his hands and licked her erected nipples. Watching intently for her reaction as he began to suck her boobs into his mouth, softly nipping, squeezing, letting out soft moans into his ear. Her thighs spread open wider, her lower body rocking from his touch. Grabbing his chin, she drew closer planting wet, desperate kisses on his lips, parting his and exploring his eager tongue. He reached down to find her rigid clit pulsating, her wetness soaking his fingers, as he began rubbing her steamy folds.

Oh baby, I want you to taste and devour my pussy she whispered, licking his lips as if to show him the way she liked it. He didn’t hesitate. Lowering his kisses to her neck and back to her breasts, he continued kissing his way down to her navel, finally reaching her hotspot, prolonging the aching by nipping and licking his way all along her trembling inner thighs.

Instantly, she arched her back, her moans increasing, as he teased and licked her everywhere but there till she couldn’t stand it any longer, guiding his face to her throbbing mound and pushing his wet lips onto her. He took her delish love button gingerly into his mouth and began to suck and play with it, thrilling her, deep moans of pleasure escaping her lips, alternatively sliding his fingers into her moist slit, as she gyrated and writhed, wrapping her silky thighs around his neck, watching him feasting opulently and greedily.

With precision, he licked her good, up and down, all around, inside and out, her soaked cunt building up to the most anticipated amazing orgasm, how she longed for his touch, and now that he was finally with her, she was going to explode into his open mouth, and wanted him to lap it up, drink her, show his enthusiasm and lust for her.

The moment was now, as he drove his tongue deep into her tightness, his finger on her quivering clit, the wave rising, lost in sensation, as it came crashing, ripples of intense pleasure tingling her entire being, squeezing her thighs around him, crying out his name, rocking with him, over and over, her body heaving, then finally subsiding. Her spasms apparent, holding her pussy lips wide, allowing him to savour in her seeping juices.

Bringing his face to her, she licked away her scent off his lips, tasting herself, slimy tongues mingling, hungry, desperate, wanting more. This was just for starters, the night was going to be long. His rock hard cock, was eager for her attention

Lifting her off the bench she turned on the shower, and stepped inside. The cool water felt so good against her hot sweaty skin. She beckoned him to join her. Not wasting any time, stripping off, he immediately stepped in beside her and reached for her wet body, the kool water washing over both of them. Squeezing a generous amount of shower gel into her palms she proceeded to wash him everywhere, rubbing his skin, slightly scratching over his shoulders and back which gave him a sense of what was to come when they emerged. He did the same to her, soaping up her breasts and pussy, stirring her juices, feeling her, his expert hands all over her. It was time.

Slipping into fluffy large towels she took him by the hand and led him to her huge circular bed, with black satin sheets and aromatic scents wafting thru the air, subtle suggestive erotica hanging elegantly on the walls, the mood was right. The evening was just beginning!

Peeling off her towel, he laid her delicately onto the silky bedding and admired the voluptuous beauty before him. Months of waiting, agonising, anticipating was now finally a reality, and he couldn’t be happier.

Laying beside her, he watched her heaving breasts for a moment as she took deep breaths, her chest rising, her body slightly quivering, waiting for his touch, his love to engulf her, ravish her, as if her owned her. He reached for her huge ample boobs and slowly began stroking, tracing their shape, squeezing, teasing, looking at her in the eyes as he did so. She returned his stare, her eyes narrowing, her breath becoming soft pants, her whole groin area tingling. My love he whispered, tonight you will be under my spell, you are mine now, a desire I've had for a long time, the pain almost unbearable, till I held you here tonight.

Cradling her face in his hands, he parted her lips once again and deeply tongued her, his kissing stirring her folds, seeping slowly between her moist lips below. She eagerly responded by closing her eyes, losing herself, the passion so intense, urgent, letting him take her to a far away destination she was unsure of, yet totally submitting to. The headiness of his soft tongue caresses were driving her wild with abandonment, unleashing long lost passion she thought she'd never feel again, until she met him.

His kisses felt good, he didn’t hold back in making sure she felt them everywhere. Lips, cheeks, ears, neck, eyes, stomach, breasts, there was no stopping them, and she allowed herself to indulgue. Slowly, his tempo increased, as did his technique. She loved the way he would tease, nip, lick her and look for her reaction. Her moaning, and verbal use of his name frequently, spoke volumes, and made his cock even harder. He felt as if he was about to burst just by being with her, feeling her beside him, exploring her, but he had trained himself for this moment a long time ago. He wanted to please her, enjoy her, and that meant self control. It was damn hard, she made it so, but he did his best to hold back.

Pulling her on top of him, she straddled his chest, opening her thighs in his face, and let his tongue go to work on her again. Rubbing herself on his bristly chin, up and down, she closed her eyes dropping her head back and let out deep moans that delighted him. He wanted her scent on him, her taste in his mouth, and her moment of pleasure to wash over him. Licking his way inside her hot slit, he held her bare ass in his hands as he pushed her further and further into his eager face, her juices smothering him.

Her moans were filling the room, telling him to suck on her clit, as she looked down to watch him. He locked eyes with her, as her rigid love button disappeared between his lips, sucking her, twirling it around his tongue, feeling her tremble as she cried out with the most amazing shuddering orgasm that wouldn’t let up. Over and over the waves of pleasures radiating thru her, like electric current, pushing herself down onto him, as her spasms began. Holding open her lips, he was in awe as her inner drenched lips closed in in rythym, allowing her seeping delicious juices to flow into his open mouth. He drank her up, slurping her, using his tongue as you would a towel to completely lick her lips almost dry.

As her orgasm slowly subsided, her flipped her over down onto the bed face down and roughly spread her thighs. His cock was in agony, he needed to feel her from the inside, feel her heat, her walls closing in around him. He positioned himself between and slightly raised her hips off the bed. She looked like the norty girl he had visions of in his dreams, and now, here she was, all his, down on all fours and he was about to dip into the sweetest nectar honey pot.

Reaching down between her legs, turning her head slightly to look at him, she started rubbing her clit as he slid his massive throbbing pole along her burning hole, and over her swollen puffy lips. His teasing was too much, and she begged him to fuck her. He loved hearing that. Her sex was insatiable, wild, no woman has ever touched the core of his being like she had for a long time.

Grabbing his cock, finding her tight wet opening, he teased her with little pushes of his thick head at the entrance, splicing her lips open then finally sinking his aching cock into the depths of her fiery inferno. Instantly, loud moans escaping his lips, drawing out then plunging in again. She felt so good, her walls squeezing tight around him, this was his moment. His moment to be selfish, demand of her, indulge her, use her as his toy. Again and again he repeatedly drove the entire length of his hard cock balls deep into her soaked snatch, his xxcitement building fast, listening to her filth, her pleasure, her wet pussy sounds. She submitted to him totally.

Grunting hard, he was fucking her hot slit good.

Grabbing her by her curvaceous hips, he steadied her as his tempo increased, along with his desperate moaning and heavy breathing. Her tight friction felt amazing, he knew she felt it too, when she yelled out she could feel every inch of his hard cock. Mmmm she was sooo norty. And he loved it.

His cock was about to unleash with every thrust, his throbbing building, tearing into her again and again like a beast possessed. Her screams mingling with his deep groaning. Fast approaching the point of no return. Where do you want me to cum he asked, slapping her round ass, continuing to pound into her. I want to taste you she responded, I want your hot cum all over my face and in my mouth. Mmmmm

His cock couldn’t handle it another second, she wanted him so much with her licking of her lips and sexy bedroom eyes. Thrusting, roaring, he pulled out and she quickly turned around between his legs as he shot his hot built-up load into her open awaiting mouth and all over her face.. His cum pumping out uncontrollably in huge spurts as she tasted him and let him cover her.

Licking his cum off her face, he shared it with her not missing a drop. Using his tongue to feed her, spread it all over her tongue and watched her swallow it all.

Yes their steamy night of lovemaking had just begun, they were both like a never-ending fire that never went out and they both needed more quelling. Laying in each others arms, bodies entwined, eyes locked, they kissed passionately both relishing in the afterglow, tho never allowing it to kool. Had she found her soulmate? both in love and sex? time would tell.