Sunday, February 19, 2012

Australian Open of Surfing @ Manly Beach Sydney

Wouldnt have missed it for the world!

The Australian Open of Surfing was 9 action packed days of surfing, beach culture, music, & art held @ Manly Beach.

I went along last Sunday the 12th Feb to watch a bit of the surfing, left home nice and sunny only to have it rained out and abandoned when I got there! The crowds swarmed Manly Wharf in an effort to get home. I grabbed an ice cream and braved the conditions for a bit taking a few photos then left. There were a few surfers in the water still.

When I heard that this weekend there would be live entertainment, AND the weatherman was predicting that it would be a glorious 27c, there was nothing stopping me [the sky did turn a bit grey, but luckily the rain held off]. It was the eve of the closing of the Open of Surfing and what a better way than going out with some of the best talents in Aussie rock biz. Stonefield, Children Collide & The Living End were playing!

It seemed like the rest of Sydney had the same thing in mind. The ferry wasnt as congested as I had thought going over, but upon arrival at Manly Beach, there were thousands packed at the beach all vying for the best spot to catch the show. We were told to make our way down the steps onto the sand and take up our places. I opted to keep walking along the promenade and try my luck closer to the action. The stage was postioned on the sand facing south, so that meant anywhere along where I was, I could prolly get to see em better. Thats if I could manage to get close enough to the wall.

Sure enough my persistance paid off. I didnt have the best view but I was closer than most on the sand were and much closer than if I had taken the stairs onto the sand. People moved on and gaps opened up. I took advantage of that & there I stood the entire time. I had a perfect spot for viewing the water, the surfers, the crowd & the stage. YAY me :)

Stonefield started around 4pm. A all girl rock band that were awesome. They must left a lasting impression on the 2 acts that followed, as well as on the crowd, as Children Collide & The Living End had mentioned how awesome they were several times. The beach was providing the best backdrop for a 'let your hair down' rocking afternoon. Parents with kids on their hips, couples, young folk, even the seasoned rocksters mingled with sun and surf for a fabulous arvo of great music.

From Melbourne, Children Collide was next and they were fabulous. First time ive heard em ever, but their sound was of good quality indie rock. Currently touring nationally to rave reviews. They made a remark of how privilaged they were playing in front of such a majestic view & it was certainly one of the best and that was coming from a Victorian lol

The highlight of the arvo was definitely The Living End. They were fired up and had the crowd going wild. I couldnt help not doing a lil headbopping myself to their music. I havent listened to them much but a few songs did stand out that I recognised. Brilliant, revved up, raw & full of energy.. senfuckingsationally great they were.

A great day out had. A mixture of surf, sun, arts, music, beach culture and what better place than at Manly Beach. The V stage finished at around 6.30pm & I hung around admiring the view for a bit before heading home, allowing the swell of the crowd to slowly disperse.

I have to say what a clean, smooth path it was to walk along at the beach. I took my wedges off & walked barefoot, ever so cautious I might have stepped on something, but I need'nt had worried. Such a pleasure.

The ice cream tasted real good too!

Below is a playlist of 3 videos.. Stonefield, Children Collide & The Living End, and a few pictures taken from where I was standing

Click here to watch a slideshow of Day 8 of the Australian Open of Surfing Channel V Stage


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day & Queen Mary 2

Happy Valentines Day to all the lovers today.

I had a different kind of Valentines. I heard the Queen Mary 2 was docked in Sydney so I went off to see her. When I got to Circular Quay, I found another ship "Pacific Jewel" instead. Then I seen a guy yelling out about a mini cruise of 20 mins duration to go see the QM2.

I had to ask..... where was she?

the reply came.. she is around the corner at Wooloomooloo.

AHH! right! of course she is. Cant very well have 2 ships of similar size at the Quay. So off we went!

she was rocking that lil boat! All up she carried 8 including the skipper. He took us on a lovely leisurely cruise around the Opera House to Wooloomooloo at Garden Island where she was docked.

AND OMG! the sheer size of her. Missed her last she was here, so I didnt know how big she really was, but even as much as U try to imagine, U never are prepared. To see her larger than life & right up close, wow and right up close we got! and awww she had red love hearts on her stacks! checking previous photos of QM2 on the net, it seems they were painted on esp for Valentines... altogether now... AWWWWWWWW

On the cruise back to the Quay, we were given a lil peek at Admiralty House which is the Governor Generals official Sydney residence. Opulent & majestic it boasts several floors and one can imagine the view from every room would be breathtaking.

Oh in case your wondering, I did buy myself a box of hearts chocolates coz I love myself. xxx

Below are pics of QM2 and Pacific Jewel & the mini cruise

Monday, February 13, 2012

M83 @ The Metro Sydney


A total high impact performance by a band I just started listening to and love, tho didnt know what to expect. But OMG what a show! M83 AKA Anthony Gonzalez and co were amazing.. and performed a great mix of their music from past to present.

M83's Melbourne support band were kicked off the tour a few days previous and a support dj substituted.. and wow he was great! nice wind up to what was to follow.

M83 opened with a guest appearance from Fly Monster.. haha! he reminded me of a grown up version of that freaky "Saw" thing lol and got stuck right into it with "Intro"

When they played Midnight City he had the crowd going wild.. switching on my camera as usual it had to be captured.. towards the end, Anthony decides to leap onto the crowd barrier right in front of me and stand upright supported by fans and security lol I got crushed against the fence in the push forward to touch him but wow it felt great! this is what a real concert should feel like.. and not only reserved for shows with pretty boy bands.

Midnight City, We Own The Sky, Kim & Jessie, Couleurs, Reunion.. all had the crowd going nuts.. with non stop dancing and jumping.. all I can say is it was great being up front.. altho looking at a few vids others made the steps were a great vantage point as well.. hmm might try that next time..

below are a few pics and a playlist of all the videos


Sunday, February 12, 2012

RIP Whitney Houston

At first I thought it was a sick joke. I mean twitter is responsible for quite a few fake celebrity 'deaths' lately, but as I read on it became apparent that it was indeed true. What a sad passing. She was one of my fave idols in the 80's, and who can forget that beautiful voice. U will be missed Whitney

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Washed Out/Toro Y Moi @ Manning Bar Sydney

WOW what a show!!.. and a double headliner at that! A first for me to see 2 brilliant acts in the one venue they blew me away with all that energy

and what a perfect pairing we got.. Ernest Greene AKA Washed Out & Chazwick Bundick AKA Toro Y Moi have toured, mixed tracks & even graduated from the same Uni together and are part of the chillwave movement. I have only recently been acquainted with both artists and its a discovery im glad to have come by. Absolutely beautiful sounds, lush, synthy and equally as catchy live as U would listening to them during a private moment at home, in the car or chilling thru headphones.

Guerre opened with superb DJ sets from a promising solo performer. Totally new to me he did have me sitting up paying attention whilst we shared a drink chilling on the lounge. U can tell he has been redolently influenced by the pair.

Washed Out stunned the crowd with dreamy selections from his EP & debut releases. Hold Out, Soft, Belong all got the crowd cheering and non stop dancing. I loved how he really got into it firing up everyone & we couldnt get enough.

Toro Y Moi was a pleasant surprize. Having also not that long ago discovered his music, I didnt know what to expect. But he didnt disappoint. Saturday Love, Talamak, New Beat... track after track just fantastic. Chillwave is just one of his sounds, U would be amazed at what else he can conjure up. Elements from indie to even a bit of prog he is one multitalented individual.

A great night had. Below are 2 sets of video playlists. I decided they both needed their own. One for Washed Out & the other for Toro Y Moi and a few pics from the night.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chillout Playlist

Greetings everyone

Have found myself to be in a very deploring mood these past few days so I compiled this beautiful 'chillout' playlist.. I had it on as background music today. This is the tracklist.. do U have a fave?

1.. Polographia - I See
2.. Volor Flex - I Miss You
3.. Submerse - Sunshine
4.. Papercut - A Dream
5.. Within Temptation - Lost
6.. December Days - I Need You
7.. Ilya - Guilty Kisses
8.. White Noise Sound - There Is No Tommorrow
9.. Please The Trees - Lost Mind
10. DulceSky - I Drempt Of You
11. Muhr - We Have Mountains To Climb
12. Rena Jones - Open Me Slowly
13. House Of Wolves - Follow Me
14. Piano Magic - Postal
15. Inspirative - You
16. Brian Crain - Dream Of Flying
17. Angus & Julia Stone - All Of Me
18. Sarah Jaffe - Better Than Nothing
19. Sysyphe - Sinking
20. Late - Losing You
21. Emilie Lund - Sad Blue Mountain
22. Bat For Lashes - Im On Fire
23. Washed Out - Step Back
24. NIN - Ghosts



gothic rose gif Pictures, Images and Photos

My dearest Lament
U are forever my friend
spiralling into your disconsolate abyss
promises of felicitousness and warmth
caressing the psyche
The exuding deep mystery
desire he has thrust upon my being
surely requited but denied
Waves of melancholy light fill my senses
overwrought clutching at hope
afraid to let go

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Grimes - Heartbeats

The song that has me in its clutches lately............ hauntingly beautiful.