Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Roller Disco


Time Out Sydney had caught my eye with an advert for Roller Disco night at UNSW Roundhouse and who could resist such a fun 70's disco themed night?

When we arrived we were greeted with an assortment of lively characters, mostly dressed in shiny lycras, hotpants, legwarmers, sequins. Jim Morrisson, Tina Turner, Jackson 5, Tony Montana even Jesus were getting their groove on, skating, gyrating and boogie-ing on down to the best 70's/80's disco hits. Song after song was just a blast from the past goodie.

Last time I put on 4-wheeler skates must of been late 70's when mom use to take us skating at Manly Roller Rink behind where Ocean World is presently situated. OMG how rusty was I?.. Terribly rusty. Almost connecting rear end with dancefloor rusty. I was wishing my knee wasnt so fked up, because i'd be dangerous then.

But really fun evening had. The music and lively atmosphere made it so. I couldnt wait to make a Roller Disco playlist.

Below is a slideshow & playlist of Roller Disco videos


Lighting Of The Sails Vivid LIVE 2012

Wasnt going to miss it this year!

Last year for some reason or another I was quite regrettably indisposed, so I was thrilled I could get out and see it live this year.

And OH MY! it took my breath away. I already had prepared myself after seeing pictures of vivid last year, but the lead up was promising somthing totally different, and it lived up to its promise!

Initially running late with a overwhelming sense of excitement, I arrived to see Customs House brightly lit and a whirl of colours. People were standing around in awe, as was I, eyes darting left, right, up, down everywhere. It was breathtaking. To be there live amongst it doubly so. The feeling it gave U was pride that U belong to this great event and city, and it was time for Sydney to come alive for Vivid. It was difficult to peel away.

Next I headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art and oh my lushness, I found it equally as breathtaking. It was just undescribable the brilliance. Objects, people were depicted moving, swirling, connecting, awestruck by the incredible lighting. I felt like it was dancing in front of your eyes, like things might leap off the facade and turn into reality.

In fact, looking around me the whole of Circular Quay was awash in animation & colour.

I ventured over to the Opera House side prepared to be totally blown away. The light display from URBANSCREEN was spectacular. It focused primarily on people rolling, climbing onto the sails with lively animation scattering, building, floating around them. Just incredible to watch. One is in awe just imagining how an event so magnificent is put together when witnessing such beauty.

It was pretty nippy out in the harbour city so I grabbed a delicious Guylian Hot Choc and sipped it as I filmed. Perfect. I left to go home smug with the thought that I'll be back witnessing the brilliance in a few days when we get to see Zola Jesus & Light Asylum at the studio.

Below is a slideshow of pictures taken of Customs House, Museum of Contemporary Art & Opera House including surrounds and a playlist of videos I filmed


Friday, May 18, 2012

A World Without Petrol

I ended up going into town to spend a lovely afternoon in the sun & catch the quirky fun "A World Without Petrol" exhibition at the forecourt outside Customs House today. Nissan LEAF 100% electric NO petrol car was on display surrounded by quite a few offbeat petrol bowsers.

Barbers shop, telephone booth, fireplace, clock, television, garden, birdcage, oven, gumball dispenser, pacman, aquarium, doghouse, greenhouse, refrigerator were just some of the fun themes. Some were real working models too!

In the centre of the Customs House forecourt was a beautiful white petrol bowser fountain centrepiece. It depicted several bowsers bundled together with the hoses pointed into the sky spilling water [yes it definitely was water] It looked beautiful against the Customs House facade.

What would a world with no petrol cars be like?.. planet Earth healing & a cleaner greener environment & people enjoying the fact they are contributing to one and that can only be beneficial for the future of our beautiful planet.

Below is a slideshow of each of the petrol bowsers that were there, along with the Nissan electric car.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Prince symbol Pictures, Images and Photos

WOW what can I say about this iconic artist who needs no introduction? He was simply senfuckingsational last night playing his first gig of the year in Sydney at the Allphones Arena. What a presence! The man is a funky spunky maestro musical genius.

The stage was of course shaped into his symbol with multi-coloured lights that looked amazing when the lights were dimmed and seriously, what more would one have expected it to be?

At 53, with no support act in sight, he delivered and delivered brilliantly. Most of his earlier music was chopped and mixed into medleys that only Prince could get away with, with most stand out hits from the 80's/90's era included. [SETLIST] This was a night to remember. The last time I seen him live was May 92 when he did a final show at the SCG after successive shows at the Entertainment Centre and he certainly hasnt changed one bit. His singing, audience participation, and dancing was as ever brilliant just as if he were performing back in the day, with even more of the wow factor.

The highlight of the evening was when Prince played a long 20 min version of Purple Rain, accompanied by a brilliant accoustic guitarist [he also opened the show strumming Purple Rain] creating a hazy purple ambience with glittery purple rain falling and had the audience singing along. U could definitely feeel the love.

5 of us girls had the best evening of non stop dancing and singing at the top of our lungs. No pictures or filming was allowed, but how could one just sit there and let an opportunity go by like that?... I seen almost everyone else there had the same attitude of fuck the rules, im doing this. So, I managed to capture some rare footage of the funk man strutting his stuff [well more of his singing really, as capturing the man proved a lil difficult when in a furtive state] and a few photos, which I failed to get last time. So im quite smug.

The floor seating was THE place to be to get up close and personal, and by that I mean literally! Prince and his band invited fans up on stage to dance & follow him around & SING! Lucky fuckers!

As I soon discovered, a couple of my secret videos were picked up by Musicfeed.com and included in their vlog along with others that dared to capture the moment. Can U see me smiling?

To read more indepth review click here

This Prince 'live' blogging-as-it-happens timeline is pretty cooool!

We had the best night. Below is a slideshow of the pictures & a playlist of the videos [I scanned You Tube for the best ones! Thank Goody for badasses who ignore protocol!]


To purchase his amazing re-released Hits & B-sides click below

Thursday, May 10, 2012


My girl beacame a Godmother last weekend to gorgeous lil Mila. It was the most beautiful ceremony ive seen & I was so proud of her for breezing thru it looking fabulous and carrying herself very well. She shone.

The church was a small quaint rustic Orthodox church with a bit of history and very much looked the part with its huge double cast iron bells and sandstone exterior with lavish iconagraphical artifacts inside.

The whole procedure is indeed a lil complex to those that are unfamiliar with the Orthodox christian views, and it would be very difficult for me to try to explain when I myself arent aware of each step.

But basically what was involved was the sponsor [Godmother] acknowledges her role as spiritual guide for the child and renounces Satan. A mini sort of exorism is even performed where the priest chants for demons to leave the child which then the Godmother mockingly spits on the ground repeating I renounce Satan. That bit had everyone chuckling, which lighened the mood & had a few wondering what was happening.

Following that the baby is then prepared for the holy oil & dipping into what looked to be a huge silver goblet 3 times, whole. Poor lil Mila disagreed with most of it, but soon settled when placed in a warm sheet and dried off & dressed. Sooo cute!

For the full breakdown of an Orthodox baptism click here

Afterwards invited guests were treated to a buffet lunch at the proud grandparents house, which was delightful. There I got to mingle and see people I havent seen in ages and we had a lovely time catching up.

Below is a slide show of the events of that day.